Bombshell of the day : Alchemy

Bombshell of the day: Definition of ALCHEMY. 1 : a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold.

The God designed level of life lived in purpose while on this earth is the magic found in the discovery of the alchemy of God’s design. Perspective is the key. Those who achieve this level live in that alchemy….where obstacles are opportunites; mountains are motivation; they no longer pray to endure the storm….they become storm chasers….they no longer see an enemy attacking them…they see every battle as an opportunity to hone their skillset. They no longer pray for deliverance….they pray for challenges.
They no longer see life as a struggle to be endured……but a gift to be experienced.

They see the troubled youth they lived; not as shackles that prevents their ascent but a sharpening stone to perfect their blade edge.

They no longer pray to God to move the mountains in their lives…neither do they speak to them…..they climb them simply for the opportunity to strengthen their legs and arms…..for the exercise.

To outlast life is to never have unwrapped the gift of being born.

It is these few precious people…tragically few…but a few, rare breed ..that are so privileged to see the heart of God…and not just His hand.

Let it marinate flks.


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