Welcome to the 7FigureDestinyNation REBMuzik!


We are extremely excited and overjoyed to announce REBMuzikInc joining the 7FigureDestiny family!

Torrey Walthour raised in sunny Orlando, Florida the soulful, sultry artist known as “REB” got his start.  In 1992 Rip-it Records recording artist Raab recognized the soulful sound of a young group by the name of “Funktion”.  This is the platform where the artist known as “REB” initially emerged, singing background on the soulful hit “Foreplay”. Later that year “REB” left the group Funktion and was introduced to another group (Tra-C Ray) as they was  hoping for a new soulful sound.  “REB’s” distinct voice was the piece to that they needed, and that’s exactly what they got when “REB” joined the group. As Tra-C Ray was making their transition they change their name to VokalVokal was signed to, Independent label O-Town Records in 1994, which gave “REB” the experience that he needed in the recording industry;
accompanying such great artist as Queen Latifah, 2 Live Crew, Tony Braxton, Tag-Team, 95 South and Brian McKnight, just to name a few. REB has participated in local Orlando projects such as “The Back to School JAM” which headlined the late R&B queen Aaliyah. This project was partnered by Vokal (along with hip-hop acts, Julian “J-GUTTA” Rowe of “The Dirty Boyz” and DJ Nasty(Producer: Smylze & SouthStar and Ludacris  ) “Aint No Stoppin the Magic” was sponsored by Johnny Wright.  


The newly launched project for “REB the Introduction” includes his debut single “Clap Your Hands” which heightens his soulful tones.  This cut will prove to be one to be remembered with an old Rag-time tune coupled with R&B and a Hip-Hop flavor.  The project includes sweet, warmly ballads entitled, “You Got To Know”, “Room Service” , “How Deep Is Your Love” and “ Grown Folks”.


REB’ was named the “2011 Break-Out R&B Artist” according to the LA Music 411 Magazine which he appeared on the cover of the 2010 December issue.  “REB” also appear in the Talk of Orlando Magazine as “REB the talk of Orlando”.
It’s 2015 and REB has joined forces with Appledore Entertainment, walked the runway at New York’s Fashion week for Baqash Wilson, fashion designer of Konjo and is ready to release his new self titled CD, “REB“, coming soon! You don’t want to miss the music, the man, the voice, REB.





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