Ok, but it’s not going to be pretty

I’ve been asked several times via various mediums, “why haven’t I commented on Baltimore, Operation Jade Helm or the police shootings in the news?”

I’ll answer briefly.

You won’t like what I have to say. At all.
Because it’s not pretty.

I heard several times this past month, “If the justice system had been fair and done the right thing….”
Or, “this is the result of years of injustice”

Here’s what my people won’t like hearing.
If you are brought by someone else to my house, the only rights you have in my house are the ones I give you. If you don’t like how I treat you….or think I treat you unfairly….leave. But you don’t get to make the rules. Why? This was my house before you got here.

NEWSFLASH FOLKS: Black folks…stop asking to be treated fairly in someone else’s house! This house was stolen from the Indians and no one ever gave us the deed to this house neither was this house ever for sale! Justice is owed to those promised justice. We were never promised or given any inclination of equality. So acting like pecculant little toddlers in the toy store won’t change a thing. This was never OUR country!

My question to my race is simple:
What black man or woman had anything to do with creating the justice system?
So why are you expecting or yet demanding a system you didn’t create to treat you fairly?

Other races aren’t allowed in the Miss Black America pageant that was created by us for us. So if what we create is created by us to give us an advantage…why wouldn’t other races do the same with what they create?

The premise that the justice system, the governement, politicians, the bill of wrongs…wait rights and the Declaration of Dependance  somehow was written to ensure equality for a people never intended to be treated equally in this country is absurd. Remember which came first: the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights or the Emancipation Proclamation? Yeah….chew in that. How can you write equality in a document for people that were still considered livestock? And who’s the idiots that believe that document was written with them in mind? Survey says? Yup. Black Americans.

And the tired argument that this country was built on the backs of slaves…..tell that to the BLACKS that sold poor blacks to the European slave traders. We sold each other out….and still do the same today. No slave forced on a boat to come to America ever was promised, ” work hard, build our country and we will treat you fairly and equally even though your own people just sold you to me!” Nope. Never happened. “You’ll get justice…” said no slave owner ever. So why are we expecting justice from a system that never promised our race justice? We expect justice from a country that stole land from the native inhabitants by killing, burning and infecting them with disease? SERIOUSLY?
That’s like getting mad you didn’t lose weight on the Dairy Queen diet!

Were there peaceful protestors in Baltimore? Oh absolutely. But the peaceful demonstrations won’t make the news because that won’t cultivate the climate to show the ignorance of the black youth that is destructive. That’s what happens when you don’t own the home. You get shown in the light the home owner decides is best from them. Not for you.
What would have been impressive is if they didn’t show up to protest at all. And quietly went about voting in blacks into positions of power throughout Maryland.

Truth is our only saving grace is that capitalism sees no color. And supply and demand has no allegiences. Money cares nothing about your history or culture. Money is not wealth. The acquisition of it gives you options. That’s where my culture is ridiculously confused. We go to church and teach each other that the pursuit of wealth will keep you out of heaven and is sinful and then turn right around and condemn those of us that acquire wealth……but spend every dime trying to look wealthy. Then complain when those who have wealth won’t share with us. If that isn’t the definition of stupidity I don’t know what is. Did I mention we’re the first to say, “My father is rich with houses and land…..I’m the lender and not the borrower…..the head and not the tail…” Well, if you’re the head…I’m don’t understand why you’re acting like a bunch of a$$e$!

Sadly, we are too ignorant to see that rioting and tearing up our own neighborhoods then crying when property values drop; no businesses except liquor stores and weave shops can be found in our ghettos is ridiculous.

We are giving the government all the fuel and justification they will need to convince the American people that “black folk don’t know how to act” and need to be rounded up and segregated in the 132 Target stores closed in Canada and the 9 Walmart stores closed for non existent plumbing problems across this country. We are so ignorant in our anger that we tear where we live….like anyone cares about you tearing up your own city?!? We’ll just make sure it’s on every station to show how ridiculous you act when things don’t go your way. And like an spoiled 2 year old, instead of running for police chief and only hiring black cops….you tear up your own “toys” then whine about being arrested. GROW UP MY PEOPLE….GROW UP!

In summation, I’m simply saying this:
Why be angry about not being treated fairly by an entity who never promised to treat you fairly? Why are you angry? You bought into the lie that you were going to be considered equal. Whose fault is that? What should be happening is that you should be taking advantage of the numerous opportunities at your disposal to increase your net worth and gather every asset you can get your hands on. But my culture can only claim injustice when justice was promised. Sorry folks, it never was.

No problem though folks. No worries. My people will keep watching Tyler Perry movies, Scandal, Housewives of Atlanta and be none the wiser.

I’ll be shaking my head in digest from Toronto. 

That’s my 2 cents. 
Told you it wasn’t pretty.
Let that marinate….


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