Sometimes I need me to talk to me

I am the content guy. The “Destiny guy” as I have been recently dubbed.  I specialize in making a believer out of people who don’t believe in themselves anymore. I teach people how to dream again. But then take those dreams, mix in some bulldog determination, hard consistent work, strategic planning and a whole lot of fight to make those dreams come true.
    I fight for the little guy. Who doesn’t think he can do any better than just getting by. That has instead of raising his effort to the level of his dreams….he’s lower his expectations for life down to his effort level that’s comfortable.
    I am the kick in the butt. The ugly truth about the laziness of mediocrity. The I’ve learned to be content trash can. I’m the guy that will hold the toilet paper with your crap on it to your nose and make you smell it. I won’t let you accept average. Just getting by. Giving up. Copping out.
   Yeah….that’s me. I make people so uncomfortable in their average that they can’t sleep. Because everyone deep down inside KNOWS they were meant for more than to just pay bills, raise kids, go to church and die. I’m the guy that’ll look another Christian square in the eye and say, “If you think Jesus died just to get you a pass into heaven…you are sorely mistaken and are disgracing His sacrifice.”

Yup, that’s me. Hustle and Grind. The “It’s not over until I win” dude.

It’s nights like tonight, I need me to talk to me. Nights like tonight, when I’m tired from 3 weeks of 4 hours of sleep a night. And no one around me has any idea of how hundreds of people are leaning on me to make it happen……how I have to tune out people that actually truly hate me.
….I need what I do for others…..I need that for me.

But guess what?

I’m the only me the world has…..

except for my boy Michael….
(Dude, you’re my dude….for real bro)

I’ve got to do that extra rep….
Finish that marketing plan…
Grind out that extra post, tweet, tshirt design. …
Make that extra call to a client….
Book that extra speaking engagement…
Finish writing those last two pages of the chapter I’m writing….
Finish that one extra campaign….
Even when. I’m exhausted…
No one’s  there to say, “I see you bro…and you’re going to change the world.”


Because for me…
Domination and success isn’t optional
It’s a necessity….
Success isn’t to be won…
It’s something to be done…
It’s not something to achieve…
It’s what I literally breathe…

No one….

But me will show our children that phenomenal is possible….

And my wife, the amazing million carat flawless diamond of a woman she is….
Deserves nothing less than an all out love from an all out guy that will rather die than fail her. (Yup, she IS all that and more)

So just know…..while you sleep.
We’re  working…
While you worry…
we’re  working….
While you’re surviving…
We’re  succeeding….

Who are we?
We are 7FigureDestinyNation
We’re monastic about our mission
We’re allergic to average
We are passionate about our purpose

And our success is not an option
It is necessary.

The hustle is in our DNA
the grind is sold separately


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