Springer of the Week : Zafar Hossain Zafi

Another fellow Teespringer making it happen!!!
7FigureDestinyNation #AllergicToAverage

Teespring Blog

“The (Bangladesh) community is growing by the day with new faces that have intense interest. Rather than feeling only proud of my part in this, I am also feeling hopeful. I am hopeful that my community and I will spring forward with a strong and clear view.”

 11092666_911825932201429_275264096_nHi “Zafi!” Tell us a little bit about your background! I was born and raised in Dhaka; the capital city of Bangladesh. I have a very strong background in education, getting honors in my English studies and a Masters degree as well at TESOL in North South University. On top of that, I completed two extra degrees- LLB and now MBA in Apparel Merchandising from BGMEA University of Fashion and technology. I am optimistic that my background and expertise in the apparel industry will be a large asset to my Teespringing.

How did you first find Teespring? What was it like to find your…

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