SEO; Planting Seeds For Future Growth


By Brandon Phipps Owner of Second Star LLC / IT support/ SEO Services/ Quickbooks

“A little more than a year ago, my wife and I decided to start a small, vertical garden on our patio.  We grow fruits and vegetables; mostly it is just a glorified salsa garden, because I love to make my own Pico de Gallo.

When I was younger, I recall my friends parents had a beautiful patio.  They had several grape vines that climbed up and over a basic trellis.  It provided an unbelievable amount of shade in the summer, especially for Porterville CA, but there were always grapes hanging down that made it so much more exotic.

We decided to invest in some Flame Seedless grapes from Lowes, and give the idea a shot for ourselves.  I drew a picture with words and stories from my youth for my wife enough times that she had very high expectations of the result.

We planted early last summer.  The excitement quickly abated as we watched the plants slowly grow…and I mean slowly.

I knew this part was coming, I just didn’t expect it to be so irritating.  Flame Seedless grapes take a whole season to mature.

That meant that I would not be able to see the other side of my investment until the following summer, if I saw it at all.  I watered them diligently, used organic fertilizer, and started an organic mulch in a bucket for future fertilization.

Flame Seedless grapes have the very annoying habit of dropping off all of their leaves in the winter time, to the extent that I had personally written them off as dead in December, January, and early February.

Then, one day, around mid-March, leaves started to appear.  At first, the growth was minimal, and I was still betting that the winter cold had essentially decimated the plants.

We went on vacation, and when we returned home, to my utter amazement, not only had the foliage spread, but we now had signs of grapes.  Tiny at first, and very fragile to the wind and the sun; requiring diligent watering, but they were there.

We lost a few bunches to the heat, but have several actively growing, and the vines have nearly reached their promised 15 feet.

I have since added the mulch to fertilize, and check on the plants at least 3 times per day to make certain they are healthy.

With luck, and due diligence, I believe that my investment will provide some much needed shade, though that won’t happen until next year, at the earliest; but, in the meantime, we will probably have a decent crop of first generation grapes.

Enough with the analogy and my personal, self-satisfaction.

SEO; Planting Seeds For Future Growth

My grape cuttings (Flame Seedless are self-germinating) are non-GMO and organic.  High-quality SEO functions in the same way.

Fake, non-organically derived backlinks and Social Media followers are toxic.

Sure, I could have used some aggressive chemical fertilizers, but that could have damaged the end-product long-term.

The same is true with a business’s online presence.  Your business may see some short-term gains, but what is the long-term cost?  Historically speaking, those tactics will see you banished to the nether-realms of Google’s SERP’s, if not completely delisted.

Organic SEO is easy enough, if you know your business and your audience, and you consider each action a fundamental building block for future growth.

It is as easy, or as hard, as it needs to be.  My tiny little vineyard will never compete with Sonora Valley, but they could, given the time to mature, a larger field, and the right people to look after them.

Organic SEO takes time to grow and develop, but it lasts longer, tastes better, leaves your customers with a better feeling when purchasing from you, and has an almost zero percent possibility of a large regulatory organization (Google) swooping down and burning your poisoned crop to the ground.

With due-diligence, and providing a quality environment for your product to grow (onsite / offsite SEO), complemented by organically developed Social Media efforts, your business will not just rank, but rank for quality, high-volume keywords consistently, without the fears of toxic practices that cost you lots of money, and may produce short-term growth, but do nothing for long-term satisfaction or ROI.

A solid SEO or Local SEO plan, organically grown, takes a few months, and won’t deliver the high-yielding, but short-term crops you imagine larger businesses bringing to themselves.  However, in a few months, maybe more than a year, you will come back from vacation to a large shade over your business’s online presence and an easy to maintain organically grown online marketing process that will deliver for years to come.

So, What Does Growing Grapes Have To Do With SEO?

Grapes and shade, that is what I promised my wife; that is my product.

Organic SEO is the process from cutting to product delivery.

Water is the content marketing, more commonly referred to as blogging.

Mulch / Organic Fertilizer is your Social Media Marketing that organically brings in legitimate and relevant traffic.

Checking the plants 3 times per day is your campaign reporting, and it is world-class.

Pesticides, fungicides, and other organic repellents is my world-class, online marketing, SEO Services, Local SEO Services, and Social Media agency that will not only help your business rank, but drive continuous traffic to your site for years to come, all without the nonsense of fake backlinks, fake likes, and fake social media followers.

It’s taken a few months, a few articles, and a little work for me to personally take Second Star Technologies from nothing to a Google SERP of number 5 for SEO Services Bakersfield.

That is in the wake of Mobilegeddon and several Panda updates.

I have done nothing but write 4 articles and create a few service pages.  We already have paying customers, and this isn’t even our primary vertical market.

Let’s give it a few more months, and we will see where Second Star ranks before 2016.

It took me 2 days to rank number 1 for Local SEO Services Bakersfield.

You can verify these results yourself.

I run our SEO agency like I run our MSP customers.  Tight, lots of reporting, tiered and cost-affordable services, and the buck stops here.  Every client gets my personal cell phone number, and you can address your concerns with me personally, anytime, any day of the week.”

In my experience, a large portion of marketers spend untold amounts of capital and precious time looking for the “Holy Grail” of SEO techniques. Nothing can replace hard work and consistent diligence. Everything in life costs something except for death and taxes. Those two you get for free. However, the benefit of someone else’s knowledge and experience such as Brandon’s, can drastically decrease ones learning curve.
Become a student of that which you choose to master. Remember, knowledge is never power until it has been implemented.

Please comment below and let me know if this has given you actionable steps that will benefit your product offering.

If you would like more insights from those who have mastered the art of marketing please click the link below.


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