No hashtags, no motivational videos…let’s catch up

Since the launch of the 8 online clothing stores, the makeup, weight loss, the magazine relaunch, 4 new websites,  the social media marketing company……back home in the south……found my roots….found my “rib”…. ping…..closer to my baby, my diva and my princess….I feel like you guys….who got me here…we haven’t just talked in awhile.
     Like we used to. Well, with new success there’s a whole new set of problems.
My heart has found its home….and its nothing like it…..but my heart has to wait now and be patient……which is the hardest thing for any heart to ever do. Down right painful it is honestly.
     I’ve never been closer to my girls in a decade locationally. But we’ve never been further apart. You guys know how I’ve struggled with this pain. How I’ve been raped of experiences with them because I chose to trust the wrong women. We all make bad choices. And many nights, like this one……I am up because I keep living the same nightmare. I have amazing beautiful daughters that I’d move planets for. But I’m still struggling to forgive their mothers. It’s the hardest oxymoron of them all. To love them so fiercely but despise a part of their origins. To be punished for a lifetime, for choosing the wrong woman  is what gives my beautiful princesses’ mothers the joy of my sleepless nights.
    So I operate on 2 to 4 hours a night. You guys have followed my story from massive success to losing everything. Having my youngest stolen from me. To now. I have four people left to truly forgive. And quite frankly, I don’t know how. I don’t want revenge. Honestly, one of them I do want then to feel my pain. It is part of what drives me to work 14 hour days. I will see them behind bars for what they’ve done.
   But sadly, as for my mom…’s too late. She’s set in her ways and I refuse to live in her pain. So we are cordial. Polite. I often wonder will she hold true to the “I don’t need anybody but Jesus” rhetoric when she’s 80+. I’m an only child. Parents don’t take care of the adult kids…it’s the other way around…..guess no one told her.
     You guys know I have always ended our little fireside updates and musings with a profound takeaway. This morning’s takeaway is pretty simple.

    Never stop fighting for your kids. Never give up. Even when the mom does everything to see you defeated. Men, the entire system is against us and no one wants to admit it. But if enough of us come into power and weild enough wealth….we can overturn the ponzi scheme of the FOC and expose the manipulations of a lazy middle class. Never give up on your kids. Keep fighting for their hearts even when they don’t care that you are. We are their fathers not the moms fathers. And we have a right to love them and be as much a part of their lives as anyone. We won’t get help from the justice system. They make too much money off of us. But we can control our own destiny if we persist and persevere.
   Lastly, never give up on your dream. Everyone has told me my dream is impractical. I should do it another way. But I refused to be denied. I don’t lose. I win. And it’s materializing right before all of our eyes. Get up. Early. Everyday. And move toward it and watch doors fling open for you. Disassociate yourself with people that don’t see your vision or try to talk you into a lesser dream.
   And never give up on the existence of amazing, soul nourishing love. It’s out there. Trust me. And it will make you a better man. A good thing is the consolation prize to a great thing. Don’t settle for a good thing.  Great is out there. I know. Ping.

Let that marinate folks

“You must take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of opportunity” – Eric Thomas


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