The certainty of the uncertain

I have never been so certain of the focus and direction of my future as I am right now. Yet, while I am happily immersed in the bliss of my destination, I am woefully unaware of the letters between “abc” and “xyz”.
I know why God keeps me in the dark. Because I am a serial tweaker. If I knew every twist and turn, I’m sure I could find a straighter and more efficient path….which most certainly would end in disaster.

    So I trust, put my head down and work toward the end goal…..only to discover I was working toward the beginning of something even more fanstatic than I had ever imagined …..all the while.  I’ve learned the delicate balance of laser focused commitment to one’s dreams while letting go enough to allow the way to bliss to be forged through whatever means He deems necessary. All hurt and disappointment in life is rooted in unmet expectations. We are often despondent due to the seemingly illogical turn our lives take at times.

Often seems as if we’re moving further away from our dreams than closer. But I’ve learned that often our gifts and talents will get us into rooms our character cannot keep us in. Therefore, often it is our character that must be groomed through struggle to hold the weight of our destiny…..when she arrives.

I’ve always said, patience isn’t a virtue. It’s the excuse of the lazy.” But I’ve come to realize that patience isn’t a struggle. It’s actually a gift. It’s God’s way of helping a willful child to pick his head up long enough to notice that the beauty is in what you build together during the journey, not arriving at the destination.

Hold hands, hug tightly for a moment too long, open your hearts and love unconditionally folks……for it is there, the best of life surrounds us and gives us breathtaking moments that sometimes out shine the goal.

Be good to each other and
Let that marinate folks

“You must take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of opportunity” – Eric Thomas

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