The Confederate Flag, Gay-marriage, the religious right, Christians, the LGBT community, the church and me


I’m going to address it all at once. And I’m not going to address any of it anymore.

(W, I’m sorry…I tried to not say anything but I’ve got to get it off my chest….)

I’ve been unusually quiet, due to my other blogs ;
the launch of and ; several other new businesses but MOSTLY because of my utter dismay and disappointment with my fellow christians, my race and my community.

I’m a christian. A former preacher (no jokes from the peanut gallery) a preachers kid, nephew, grandson and cousin. I’m also a southern born and raised black businessman that has raised 3 beautiful strong, amazing black girls. So needless to say, I’ve got a few thoughts about recent events.

So let’s take these one at a time

1. The Confederate Flag
I was born and raised in Columbia, SC. with that flag on top of the State House I went to school in Columbia, SC. with that flag on top of the State House. I bought my first car in Columbia, SC. with that flag on top of the State House. Got married in Columbia, SC. with that flag on top of the State House.
Started several businesses and traveled the world with that flag on top of the State House. Went to fight for my country in Operation Desert Storm with a unit from Columbia, SC. with that flag on top of the State House.
Became a successful entrepreneur, preacher, Grammy-nominated and Dove-award winning musician, relationship counselor, motivational speaker, social media curator, global marketing consultant and CEO of 5 profitable businesses…..all with that flag on top of that State House.
so please help me understand why it’s so important to your future that a piece of fabric made in Taiwan come down?

That flag, no matter where they put it, didn’t stop me from doing one darn thing I wanted to do with my life… why should I or you waste precious moments of our lives concerned about where it flies?

it’s only a piece a fabric people!
What’s most disconcerting to me is that Gov. Haley, seeing an opportunity to pander to the ignorance of my people, jumped at the chance to get out front of the issue and just like dumb sheep my people often are…walked right in step with the political vomit.
Putting that flag in a museum will not create one job. Feed one child. Get anyone but a politician one more dollar on their paycheck. Make your great great grandparents rest any easier in their graves. Make anyone nicer or less racist. Or make any black person’s life better in any way shape or form!

You were broke when it went up. And you’ll be broke when they take it down.

We major on the minor things and minor on the major things. And for that, my people embarrass me.

now for the people who want to keep it there

I encourage all of you to celebrate your heritage. Hell, we have a whole month to celebrate ours. Why not celebrate yours and the version of history you choose to believe. I encourage and will defend your right to do so. Here’s the catch: That isn’t YOUR state house….it’s EVERYONE’S state house….even people you’re not particularly fond of. So if you want to celebrate your heritage do so….but do it in and on things you own…..the State House isn’t one of those things. Our tax dollars go to maintain it and pay the salaries of the people who work in it just like yours. It’s not your state. It’s EVERYONE’S state. So fly it in your yard, on your house, on your car, truck , boat or your own PRIVATE property. And I’ll stand next to you and fight for your right to do so. But it has no place of symbolism for everyone when it doesn’t represent everyone. Suck it up princess…..facts are facts. Find me ten blacks that are proud of that flag and I’ll retract the statement……
No worries……I’ll wait.

2. Gay Marriage
I’m NOT going to get into the theological debate of how God feels about homeosexuality because it has absolutely NOTHING TO do with this issue. If you believe it does, I beg of you STOP reading because I plan to talk to those of a higher intellectual and spiritual awareness. So move along sheeple.
What I will discuss is the hypocrisy of the church’s position and it’s determination to treat the Bible like trail mix….picking out the parts we like and ignoring what applies to us. So here’s my rant: If you are railing against gay marriage as a christian and you are:

1. Obese
2. Singing Contemporary gospel music in praise and worship (of confirmed homosexual artists particularly in the black music industry)
3. Had a child out of wedlock
4. Attending a church associated with a denomination that has pedophiles and adulters in organizational leadership (COGIC)
5. Have high blood pressure
6. Been divorced
7. Had premarital sex
8. Looked at the opposite sex lustfully..
9. Eaten pork
10. Worn anything made with a poly blend

Two words…..SHUT UP
every last one of those things are described as an abomination in the Bible Explicitly
The same exact word the church is using to describe gay marriage.
You can’t even manage to follow the very same rules you’re holding others accountable to! So PLEASE for the sake of those who are more intelligent than you

Furthermore, christians have the highest divorce among any group of people. Btw, this was so BEFORE gay marriage was made legal. We were screwing up our marriages without ANY help from gay couples! We’re too stupid to discuss openly HOW TO BE MARRIED…HOW TO DATE….HOW TO BE INTIMATE AND HAVE A HEALTHY SEX LIFE… (christian men are especially ignorant in this area) We are so warped and bassawkwards that it’s just plain sad! Why do you think pro is such an issue in the church? Because our sex dialogue with Christian men consists of “don’t do it til you’re married”. And we never teach them HOW TO DO IT ONCE THEY ARE MARRIED! Even better, what you should be doing before marriage to prepare for a healthy sex life IN MARRIAGE! No, we concentrate on combating the sex slave trade, shutting down porn, and gay marriage. How ridiculous are we?

we are the living embodiment of the emperor with no clothes!

When Jesus tore up the temple, flipping over tables, calling then scones and thieves; He didn’t run for office or pass an ethics bill to reform the laws of business in the temple.

When the rich young ruler came to him to ask “What must I do to follow you?” And Jesus told him to sell all of his possessions. The rich young ruler declined but Jesus didn’t go make a law for all rich young rulers to have to sell all of their posessions!

The woman with the issue of blood broke 13 laws by simply being in the crowd. Did Jesus say ANYTHING to her about the law?

So where in hell do we get off spouting off the law that Jesus plainly said (and I’m paraphrasing) “Since you are too weak to uphold my laws, I’m going to die to fulfill the law FOREVER! So that I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE! I gave you ten and you screwed those up. So I’m going to only give you one……LOVE ONE ANOTHER!”

yup, you guessed it……we’re screwing the pooch on that one too!

I’ve got one question I’ve been asking every fellow christian I can find and have yet to get an answer:

“How does banning gay marriage make your husband or wife love you more?”

“How does the gay couple next door threaten the health of your marriage?”

let me help……

If you don’t want your kids to learn about gay marriage, enroll them in a christian school! It’s no one’s job but yours to teach your kids what you want them to know. Not the government. Not the schools…yours!

Bottom line, and this is the part the church doesn’t want to talk about……they simply want the same options for insurance; death benefits; medical care; legal options; adoption; tax benefits……none of which will affect your marriage in the least bit..whether you want to admit it or not!

We all, as human beings want to be right…..the problem with that is in order to be right…you first must prove someone wrong. And whether you like or not, Jesus didn’t waste one solitary moment on this earth proving ANYONE wrong.

(I’ve got three more topics to go but they’ll have to be in part 2. I’m pissed, exhausted and tired. You guys make it hard to be a black man, a christian and a heterosexual these days!)

“You must take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of opportunity” – Eric Thomas

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