Papercuts vs bullet wounds


Have you ever slammed your finger in a car door? Or absent-mindedly shuffled those papers and felt the sharp ting of the paper cut right on the knuckle? And we all know that no matter how many shapes Band-Aids come in; there’s never one for the place where you just cut yourself! It never sticks. No first aid for an aching smashed finger. It just throbs. So you wash it. Disinfect it. But no relief for the pain. You’re ok when the initial pain subsides…..until you forget it’s there and use that alcohol based hand sanitizer! Holy crap that hurts! It’s there….always there…and you instantly become an expert on everything that has alcohol in it. It alters everything you do. And makes you careful about everything you touch.


Now a bullet wound….that’s a horse of another color. I think we can agree that anyone that gets shot is probably going…

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