The story of my life and my “Why”


I’ve recently acquired a new mentor, Ted.
In my quest to make my first billion, right the ship of my life and prove so many wrong about me….I searched for help to focus my energy into needle point precise beam of frenzied effort. I found Ted. He told me that everything I wanted in life and to accomplish in my life was in my story.

Of course I protested. Every Hollywood screenplay has an ending. Be it sad or happy. I said to Ted, “I’m smack dab in the middle of the movie. We know who the villain is and the hero. We know the conflict. But we can’t see how the hero will win with the odds stacked against him. Who wants to hear that story?”

Well Ted said, “Just start writing it. Start telling it. You’ll see what happens.”

So here I am, guys. Full circle. We started this blog with my story. And now, we’re going all the way back to the beginning and telling all the parts never previously discussed. I got away from my story which drew you all in the first place. The Melissa story was tough. And I’ve got to be honest, the reason that I searched out Ted is because I’m right back there again. In an effort to never repeat the same actions THREE times in a row…..i figured if we walk through my whole story. Every grime dirty detail, bit by bit….you’ll find truths for your life that will help you not repeat my missteps and I’ll discover what I keep doing wrong.

At this point in my life, I really don’t care what others think. Other people’s opinions of me and my life have ruled far too much and weighed to much in my decisions.

So while my revelations may be shocking, that isn’t their intention. It is simply meant to free someone else from the all consuming life draining effort of putting on the face and maintaining appearances.

This will be a series and it will be broken up into several chapters

1. The Call

2. The Pit

3. The Search

4. The Breakthrough

5. The Life Lessons

6. The Message

7. The Blueprint

I’m not sure how often or regular these installments will be. Of course you guys know im a writer so you can count on weekly at worse. It will probably take several blog posts to cover each. But as we walk this story together, my only hope is that my story inspires, enriches, warns and helps you live out your 7figuredestiny and God given purpose in abundance.

Tomorrow we start talking about “The Call”

“You must take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of opportunity” – Eric Thomas

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