Haven’t talked to you guys in awhile


It’s been sorta crazy. I have every day scheduled from 5am to 11pm in 30 minute blocks, Monday through saturday……whew….

Still there’s no excuse for me. I apologize guys. Most of you have been to all the websites, read the published articles, connected with me on social media…..

But this space is ours. Place for unvarnished, unpretentious truth. I’m not the social curator or the marketing strategist here…..I’m just like you….trying to make sense of it all and doing as much good as I can along the way.

Brief respite….

Do not let anyone kid you. Launching a business…building a brand…..being an entrepreneur is incredibly hard work.

1. No one believes in you. Everyone says the proper and polite thing but when its,down to brass tacks…people who aren’t paving their own path don’t believe in your ability to carve out yours. I don’t think it’s malicious in any way. I just think that watching you struggle through disappointment after disappointment with unabated determination causes them to question why they haven’t taken a chance on their dreams.

2. The only way to succeed is to fail and fail often.  You can have the best product, plan, system or marketing from the most successful person on the planet. What worked for them has to be tweaked to work for you. The only way you know what to tweak is to have things fall apart. You’ll never know what works until you find out what doesnt. And it’s hard to fail when everyone around expects you to.

3. It’s lonely. People inherently only buy into things that benefit them. It’s human nature. When you have committed to seeing the glass half full instead of half empty like 99% of americans…..it can get lonely. Everything about us….our media, tv, celebrity, news, social networks, viral videos….everything is driven on negativity. To be the only positive person on Monday morning is quite a lonely road. So be prepared.

4. You will never stop learning or know it all. And learning comes through mistakes and failures. So there will never be a time where you no longer screw anything up. You just may not screw THAT up. But something else will come along that you won’t know how to do. It’s a fact and how life works.

5. It’s hard work to live outside your comfort zone. Everyone wants to be comfortable and avoid trouble. A visionary goes TOWARD the trouble and what they fear. This bothers everyone around them.
When everyone is risk adverse and the visionary KNOWS it costs to do something GREAT…..it’s hard to leave those the visionary cares about in their comfort zone to accomplish something meaningful. Everyone wants the life but no one wants to pay the price.

I often sit and wonder how many will come around when I hit that magic number of 50k per month? How will I react?

You know we want to say we will respond in grace and forgiveness, but truth be told, there’s a part of me that only wants to invest time and energy into those who DIDNT know me when.

I have a list I’ve considered tossing often. A list of people who blew me off. Never believed I was capable of changing the world. I’ve been a fighter all of my life. My mother never believed in me. Still doesn’t to this day. So I’ve never operated with a cheerleading section. Except for grandma. You guys know grandma. She’s been in my corner from day one.
I guess it still bothers me that someone from Portugal will stay up until 3am just to have 30 minutes of my time, because they value the experience and lessons I’ve learned….and are willing to share with them. ……but those that know me best…who has watched me struggle to get here….don’t value the wealth of knowledge that’s been sown into me by so many successful mentors.

What does the Bible say, “a prophet is without honor in his own country…”

Don’t need honor….just need people to listen to someone that can help them not wreck everything in their lives.

Love you guys.
And as always…..let it marinate

“You must take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of opportunity” – Eric Thomas


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