It’s funny how things always come full circle

Today, I was immersed in the deluge of SEO, keywords,  adwords, backlinks and lead magnets…..attempting to write some html code into my company’s blog  ( #shamelessplug….when I noticed the bulging box of thoughts and emotions in the corner of my whirlwind of a mind.

I pondered, “wherever could I download such random quibble?” And I remembered.
You and I started this journey with no discussions about PE ratios, ROIs, valuations, market share, lead generation or targeting pixels…

We started this journey with just you and i….a broken mess of a heart….and a truckload of questions about life.

So we pause….
In my incessant obsession in saving the American middle class from abject mediocrity to get back to the roots of our relationship.

Full circle….

I’m restless……and so far out here on a limb that I’m exhilarated and terrified. I’m incredibly certain about almost everything in my life and I am proceeding 400 mph ahead with no seat belt or safety net. If I fall at this point……it’ll cause permenant damage. But I’m too old to play it’ll safe anymore…..especially when I know it’s right.

“You must take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of opportunity” – Eric Thomas


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