The Slow death of a Modest nine to five lifestyle

TMVtv Week8 Lesson1:the Slow Death of a Modest nine to five Life
I usually structure these motivational posts but today….I’m coming straight from the heart.
nine to five
I could never be that nine to five person that just wants to sit at the same job for thirty years and never create something meaningful…
asking permission for time off
being content for a modest life…

A lot of people just want a secure lifestyle
own a house
owned by a job

We’re taught to go to college and get a job
take out a loan to go to college then get a job to pay for the loans from college…

When you reach a place of contentment….life is over.
What’s sad is that the life of the nine to five has never been and will never be secure.
nine to five
But you’re different.
You don’t care what others think
You’re committed to your dream.
you’ve burned your boats…
nine to five
nine to five is no longer an option for you
your dreams are too big for your current condition
nine to five

So you’re up at 3am
You’re working until 1am
You make the extra call
You stay extra late
They don’t understand you
They say you’re chasing a pipe dream

But you refuse to give up
You refuse to quit because you believe in the impossible

Because their IMPOSSIBLE is yesterdays achievement for you
you specialize in phenomenal
you make a habit of accomplishing the unachievable
nine to five
They choose to survive
You choose to Thrive

the Death of the Modest nine to five Life

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