The Best Intimacy is Had Fully Dressed

ATTN MARRIEDS and those considering marriage: Please realize that “Intimacy” is so much more than just intercourse! In fact, I’ve come to find out that couples who DON’T strive to “make love” OUTSIDE of sex often have challenges in the area of sex.

Being intimate is about complete closeness and unashamed transparency: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, communicatively and etc. It is the ongoing pursuit of ways to expose yourself to and deepen the roots of the connection with your spouse; it is a selfless, never-ending quest for ways to pleasure your spouse and the consistent employment of these, once discovered.

If both spouses are committed to being intimate with one another in this way, there will rarely be any time or space for unfaithfulness, why? Because your focus is ever on pleasing your covenant-lover; a journey that is endless!

MY QUESTIONS FOR YOU: What is the way that you’ve defined intimacy in your marriage? What are ways in which you can deepen your intimacy with your spouse? How have you been selfish as it pertains to intimacy in your relationship? How would your marriage change, for the better, if you were truly transparent with your spouse? (Please take some time to think these through)

MY PRAYER FOR YOU: I pray that every married person reading this would go to the next level, as it pertains to intimacy. That God would give you the passion and desire to explore every aspect of your spouse. Not just to find out what makes them tick to use it against them in times of conflict but instead to use this info to serve and make them happy; consequently strengthening your marriage.

Ps. Oh and husbands, trust me: intimacy in this way definitely leads to more good sex 😉

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