What do you do…..

What do you do when you no longer want to be you?

Or maybe just not who you’ve been?

Or maybe not who you are but what you do?

When is a vase too broken to repair?

Does God ever throw up His hands and walks away?

Was the shattered vase always intended for the trash even when the artisan was carefully crafting it with steady hands?

Or was it intended to be admired and treasured but became damaged beyond recovery?

I guess the question is: can the broken be treasured…..while it’s broken or only if it’s whole?

Because broken pieces cut tender fingers when handled……so we avoid the cuts….we use a broom and a dustpan if the broken is trash……we use “glue” (whatever you choose to believe that glue is: love, God, consequences etc.) and carefully gingerly put those pieces back together……

If the broken is more than just pieces….

I’ve broken some very precious people close to me…..I choose not to use gloves……because whatever cuts and pains I incur putting it all back together again…..is not only worth it……it’s well deserved…..the beauty and value they are to me is far beyond words or price.

Their broken pieces deserve my diligent attention that requires a tactile relationship unencumbered by fear of pain. So I risk my pain on their sharp edges to see them whole…….

Oh wait….my therapist says I should be focusing on my sharp edges and broken pieces…..hmmmm…..I guess I should…..just feels incredibly selfish.

The Bible says love others as you love yourself….Jesus said how can you love me if you don’t love your brother enough to take care of his needs….

Yet, I’m told that I need to take care of myself now and not worry about anyone else….is it just me or does that feel like a oxymoron and conflicting statements?

Do what the Bible says but don’t do anything that may cost you any comfort. Put yourself first but follow what Jesus says and put others before yourself.


No wonder we are all confused. I sure am.
I’ve decided to live my convictions….only difference is….I’m no longer telling anyone what those convictions are. Well no one but my “ping” and Jesus.

For the rest of you flks……you’re on your own guys…..love ya.

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