I really REALLY hate this

Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week. I’m going to start having to sleep on the floor.

I’m angry. Frustrated.  And im having to pretend. Which makes me nauseous. Realizing that people don’t want complete transparency…..most ppl…..what they want is not to be surprised. They don’t want to know everything. …..just enough not to be blindsighted.

Which isn’t what makes me angry……saddens me a little…..as I lose the smidgen of hope I had left in humanity.
I expect such behavior from people.

What angers me is that I’ve let myself slip into a situation where I have to be what I’m expected to be. And honestly maybe that’s the lesson here.

G you don’t get to galavant through life being “true to your convictions”! DUDE, you’ve got to handle the expectations that are placed on you.

Just a hippie heart in a white collar body.

Kind of leaning more and more towards making a fortune and taking back the reins of everything. I hate not being able to call all the shots in my life.




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