Can’t find my other blog

Can’t seem to find my log in info for my other blog…..frustrating.

I often wonder how did this blog end up so far off of its intended purpose. It was supposed to be what my new blog is. Freeing and unrestricted.

Honestly  not confused how it ended up that way. I tried to make something out of this. Make it useful. Make it be something to someone else besides me. Try to make it into something that served others.

In that pursuit, it stopped serving me.
Blah….blah blah….

That’s what my words feel like anymore.

Eloquence eludes me. The ambition that drove me….the illusion that I would make this world different somehow….

Another night spent sleepless. In the strangest most uncomfortable place and situation I can imagine. I’m really trying…to be positive……sleepless nights don’t help. Too much time to think and that’s just not a good thing for me these days.

Struggling to be productive. My motivation is so basic and embarrasing. I simply don’t want to be here. Not on planet earth…..I just don’t want to be in this location.
I’m going to fight through this and figure out the rest of my life once I get there.

Putting on the happy positive face tomorrow…..and no one will know any difference. It’s a good life…..I’ll keep saying it until I convince myself.

Sleep well my friends
Someone should….

Your greatest success and triumph lives next door to your greatest fear.


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