Probably won’t make much sense…
Right now I don’t really if it does.
I’m tired….
Haven’t slept in days
New job is a disaster
Irritated….hate living here….all my self respect has vanished by having to live here.

I’m embarrassed to show my face anywhere to anyone I used to know because I’ve been gone for 2 decades and show back up a complete failure.

But what do I do….I get up every morning and continue to try….why?

Because if I can’t have any self respect at least I can have some character before I die.

Persistence is to a man’s character as carbon is to steel.

What is even more depressing is to watch people who love you make sure that they aren’t attached to you too closely because they want an escape if you go down.

Especially after you’ve given everything up for them.

Lesson learned.

Back to the salt mine.

Your greatest success and triumph lives next door to your greatest fear.


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