The interesting dichotomy of life

“Life is an adventure”… on all the tshirts in Pac Sun and the other cool stores….

It’s a catch phrase now…

But I’ve seen it to be reality….I suppose.
The constant in life is change…

Change is the only guarantee. …


Played my first solo on piano at the age of nine….at thirteen I was standing in the control booth of a recording studio over the shoulder of the booth engineer….telling him how to mix the strings on the track I just recorded…..the strings I just layer for a song I wrote for a 50 voice choir. That was released just after my 14th birthday. I was thirteen, producing my original music for a signed group and playing several instruments and getting paid for it. Stands to reason, I’d think I’d be a lifelong musician and producer, right? Nope. Change ahead.

Fast forward, to high school. Ranked as one of the most promising young mixed media graphic artist in the state. Won awards in statewide art competitions in oil,  ink, graphite and watercolor……my art teachers were amazed at my grasp of so many mediums……I was deemed to be gifted. The next Picasso? Nope. Change ahead.

Left home at 16. Enlisted in the military. Promoted from private first class to staff sergeant in one year during duty in Desert Storm.  Double MOS qualified. Flew through medical supply specialist training. Chose to become a radiologist. Aced every exam. Excelled at every opportunity afforded me. Career soldier? Change ahead.

Returned home. After the divorce, decide to give music another shot. Lived the rock star life on tour. Some of which is not suitable for print. Saw stadiums filled and the “behind the music” story upfront. Made many friends and a few enemies. Blew through far too much money. Made some history and many memories. Purpose in life found? Change ahead.

Move to michigan to find my dad. Doesn’t work out. But I fall in love with west michigan so I stay. Led to use my management skills to climb the corporate retail ladder. Start as a part time associate and worked up to regional trainer in 3 states and piloting new programs for the company within 2 years. Created my own position. Took to corporate like a duck to water…..maybe this is it? Change coming…

Preacher, teacher, mentor,  leadership development…..ending in startup developer, founder and owner of 5 companies, 4 online magazines and a digital marketing company with blogs reaching 39 countries…all to help struggling entrepreneurs to guide them to success…..

Maybe now?

You already know…..

44 and change is ahead….

It’s not everyone’s life….but it’s been my experience….

Lesson? Make the most of every experience and every good moment shared. Drink it in. Savor it. Moments are fleeting. Memories are forever. Jobs come and go. Companies and careers come and go…..but hold the hands of those you love tightly….because change is inevitable but love is forever.

Your greatest success and triumph lives next door to your greatest fear.


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