The Results of my Personality Evaluation

Ok, so I got back the results of my  personality evaluation….so guys is this really me?
Be honest and let me hear your feedback.
Then I’ll give you guys a way to get the same evaluation I did….what do you do think..did they nail me or were way off?

You’re an Energizer

You are happy to hop up and hog the limelight – even when you’ve not been necessarily invited!

Life is what you make it. You say yes when others say no, and if it doesn’t work out it will make a great chapter in the self-published memoir (that you’ll be pushing on your loved ones as you hobble into old age).

It’s all about you…

Life can be a bit of struggle at times, even for a self-certified achiever like you. Right now, you’ve hit the deck running.

You might be dreaming of a little extra cash. Although it can’t buy you love (which is debatable), money can buy you time, and freedom, in the form of a two-week break to the tropics where phone signal is scant.

You call yourself busy, but beneath all that bounce you must be close to exhaustion?. It’s full on, you buzz about so much that you’re becoming an indistinguishable blur. Slow down so we can make out your features and return your heartbeat to a regular rhythm.

Sure you friends might number in the hundreds but a partner knows you warts (not literally?!) and all, and consequently they are best placed to give you support. So you keep your dearest nearest and value the big L, probably more than anything.


If you want a job doing… ask someone else. You are close to a #fail. So pull your socks up… or stockings. I mean, whatever you are in to.

Seemingly concentrating on the task in hand is what you do best. You are adaptable and flow through life, living it better than the rest of us.

Up-front and approachable you get a buzz from working with other people and you are keen to get a solution in place quickly. But remember to pause for breath before you charge on in.

An average day can pass with you trying hard… to… you know… really try hard, to try hard: err… not sure we get what you mean. Seems like you are taking the challenge a step too far. We could tell you to reimagine your long-term goals (do you have them?), understand the wider impact of your decisions (did you make any?), but really you need to stop sweating it and (try to) be cool.

Concentrate on the things in life you have control over. Leave the big problems in life – a dwindling economy, air-borne diseases – to the experts. Give yourself a break (because no one else will). Break things down to manageable bites… it will make life palatable.


While the rest of us struggle to peel ourselves off the pillow you’re up and at ‘em, sweating it out. Oh to know the 7am you, as by 12pm your energy levels have scrambled and you might have spat your chakra.

Downtime? A show off in the kitchen, you can shred, mince and sauté with the best of them; but what about the cooking?

Wound so tight your body shows the signs of so much tension, your eyes are bulging. Now you don’t want to hear this but you might want to… chill out. If that did not make you explode and shut down your browser then here is a little more advice. Take it easy. You put yourself under massive stress, life is becoming a long list of things to do, and you are losing sight of how to enjoy it. So once in while, ignore an email and don’t take a call – sit down, gawp out the window and do nothing – it feels good.


When you’re in love, life somehow just seems easier to handle. Whatever challenges you face, you’re in it together and that’s all that matters.

So you appreciate the little gestures, just A LOT of them, ALL the time. A grand gesture is starting to sound easier.

Look down: your heart is, of course, there on your sleeve, plain to see. Maybe deep down there is a little part of you that actually believes in love at first sight – the optimism is cute. You trust your instincts and try to love without caution. As you stare into your lover’s eyes, you will try to guess what the other is thinking… probably ‘blink first’.


Are you the type who drifts off while a friend talks to you? There is a bill to pay; dinner to make; a TV show to catch up on… Thing is you spread yourself so thin you’re becoming patchy. You can’t have it all. So choose. And you’re not afraid to work hard for it. This can mean that you’re really stretched to the limits from time to time. It’s important that you get to follow your own ambitions otherwise you might end up feeling quite frustrated. It’s always good to have some financial independence, so try and have a pot where you can set aside a little cash for treating yourself.

Money is never far from your mind. 99% of people aren’t interested. And this isn’t Wall Street. So try some softer small talk.

Maybe you are not be the type to camp out for the latest gadget launch… but be honest… you have thought about it. You like to shell out on life-defining purchases that will get your workmates drooling.

You can’t put a price on experience. You take the road less travelled, but when you return home you bang on about it so much it feels like we’ve all been there with you… it’s charming, really.

You face problems head on, so extra points to the grown up. As the rest of us look for bottles to drink or someone to scream at, you’ve already worked out a solution. Maturity is overrated you know.


Head first, feet first – oh whatever, as long as you are there first, that is all that matters. You’ve got an unwavering nerve and an appetite for life that means you don’t ask too many questions (until it’s too late). Keep it up – it’s vicarious adventure for the rest of us.

Seems like you are happier outside than in. You like to see the horizon, big skies, breathe in the fresh air, feel the wind in your hair – oh hang on…. Feel a song coming on.

Don’t make excuses; opportunities are made not handed to you. OK… this is not strictly true, but with no blue blood you need to deal with the real world.

Like it or lump your regular life can be a bit of a snoozefest so it’s no wonder you’re craving thrills from time to time.

Your greatest success and triumph lives next door to your greatest fear.


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