5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post

Everyday, I probably read a hundred blog posts. I really enjoy it. There are some amazing writers out there sharing fabulous content. They inspire me and often spark an idea for my next blog post. I know, I am really bad at commenting and I’m really sorry to all of you for that but I’m much more a social media person so most times, I will comment on your post within the social media platform I found you.

I do like to share and promote other bloggers’ work, so you will see my feeds filled to the brim with my great finds. And rest assured, everything I have shared, I have read. I like to know who and what I’m promoting.

I do have my regulars that fall into my e-mail inbox or appear in my WordPress reader daily but I am constantly scouring the internet for new bloggers to read and follow. So you may ask, “How do I get on your regular blog read list?”

You may be surprised to hear that great content is not a guarantee to land on my must read list. Mainly because I may never actually read your post even though I’ve been intrigued enough to land on your page. I often have clicked the “X” faster than you can say “blargon” because of my first impression of your blog.

If you want to increase your followers and lower your bounce rates, please correct the following on your blog.

1. E-mail Subscriptions/Pop-ups At Entry
Holy Crap! I just hit your blog for the first time and you want me to subscribe? Give me a break. I do not have anything against call to actions but geez Louise can you let me read some of your content first before I decide? Try moving CTA’s to 3/4 post read or upon navigation.

Plus, I can’t tell you how many times my big, fat finger on my sensitive touch screen has shut your window completely instead of the pop-up when I was trying to close it. I usually won’t try going in again.


2. Double-Click
Studies have shown again and again that the more clicks it takes to get to your content/product, the less likely the reader will continue clicking to wu want them to go. Anything that makes me click twice to make me see your post has already lost me.

This mostly happens for me on Twitter.

If I notice that your tweet takes me to any of the following places before your blog post, I won’t click it.

Google +
FaceBook fan page
Pinterest pin
I understand you are trying to drive and measure traffic, but it won’t be from me.


3. Not Mobile Friendly
I literally do 95% of my reading on my mobile. Yes, I’m a cranky old bitch who needs reading glasses so give me a break, won’t you? If I have to enlarge your post to read it (cause it looks like it was written on the back of a pin), then, I have to push the screen back and forth to finish a sentence, I will get frustrated and leave. Google penalizes sites that have not been optimized for mobile devices. Please, please, I beg you for my sake and for the SEO rankings of your blog, make your blog mobile responsive.


4. Too Long and Visually Boring
There is nothing worse than arriving at a post and being met by a huge chunk of print. That’s all. This is a visual world baby, throw me a bone! (Or at least a pic of one) And if I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see the end of your post, I better be intrigued enough by your topic or it’s buh-bye. Remember, brevity is best and break up your post visually with pics, titles, quotes and some white space.


5. Too Busy
Conversely it looks like some of you just discovered your tool box on your WordPress post creator. Colours, shapes, sizes, videos, pics, quotes. You know just because all those things are available to you, doesn’t mean you have to use every single one in every post. Remember that too busy can turn people off too. It also becomes very unclear to the reader what the most important message is that you are trying to convey because you’ve marque’d with flashing lights everything.

Make your blog as visually appealing and reader friendly as you can. What good is having great content when your reader’s first impression of your blog makes them bounce out before having read a single word.

What makes you bounce out of blogs before you have read a single word?


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