Just Breathe

In my meditation this morning, I began simply by focusing on breathing and allowing the deep breaths, in through my nose and out through my mouth to cleanse my mind and spirit.

Watching an interview by Jack Canfield, gave me the idea to try this simple meditation technique. It quiets the spirit and mind enough to allow God and your inner best self to reconnect and converse purely. Setting the barometer for your day.

In attempting this, I found myself inhaling sharply through my nose and briefly holding my breath before exhaling through my mouth. It felt painful and unnatural. Then I heard softly…..”just Breathe naturally, like a designed your body to.”

I did just that and everything just flowed so easily and naturally. I believed this was my ah ha moment for today.

I have been trying very hard to find my niche with my business. To find the right words , right phrases to inspire people to purchase from me. But if I just “breathe”…..
Come from a place of service and building relationship instead of being transactional…..and allow the relationship and inner peace to flow……who I am and my heart to serve will lead me perfectly and flawlessly.

Today…..in everything I do….I will just “breathe”


Your greatest success and triumph lives next door to your greatest fear.


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