What’s Below Rock Bottom? We are. (with a backhoe)


I’ve gambled on my dream more than once…..

And have lost it all, more than once…

but I’ve never gambled this big and lost this big….

When I say I lost “everything” I am not exagerrating….

I gave six years of my life to the cause of developing a system of coaching, networking tools, online media informational vaults, daily tips and tools, network of coaches and motivational speakers…to inspire, enlighten, encourage and empower the middle class american to have the faith to escape from “cubicle ville” and take a chance on their passion that they have kept so well hidden.

I simply wanted to see the “little guy” win.

What I didn’t account for is that the “little guy” doesn’t want to win.

The “little guy” is more afraid of change than he is afraid of living an dismal existence dripping with average and mediocrity.

The “little guy” doesn’t want to know better. learn more. grow more. Be phenomenal. Be his best version of himself.

The middle class American “little guy” wants to be average, think average, live average, never win big, always be a victim and complain that its the government’s , wealthy people, the media, society’s or muslims fault.

Oh wait…..I left out Obama…..everything’s Obama’s fault. And if they are democratic…..everything’s Fox news and George W. Bush’s fault……

Quick example of the lunacy of this premise:

“where are the jobs?” Everyone believes that the economy and the state of the United States impending economic collapse is due to the mismanagment of government funding, Obama’s astronomical spending, Bush’s astronomical defense spending….the fat cat executives on Wall Street….and the list of people to blame goes on and on.

Obama is killing jobs, they say. The national debt is killing jobs. NAFTA is the job killer…..WHATEVER!!!!

If half of the americans whining about the lack of jobs would shut up long enough to take what they are nateurally good at and develop it into a startup business….taking advantage of all of the tax breaks that they complain the Big businesses have and exploit….we would create more jobs in a year than that has been created in the last 20 years all together.

Think about it!

everyone has something they love to do. watching reality TV. Surfing the web. playing golf. knitting. surfing. hanging out with friends.

Every one of these can and has been converted into a thriving and lucrative business.

But thats too hard for Americans to do. Why? Because we would rather complain than FAIL. and to be successful in ANYTHING…you must FIRST learn how to fail at it.

And no one wants to do that…..

So the moral of the story is:

I’ve failed again……but I won’t stop trying…..I’m so very close…..

What most people don’t see is I am the next Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk

Larry Page

Warren Buffet

Grant Cardone

Eric Thomas

Bob Proctor

Neil Patel

Brene Brown

Yes, little ole me….I’m NEXT…..and no one sees it but me

My own mother takes every opportunity to attempt to verbally beat my passion and dreams to death.

But you can’t kill what you can’t see…..

And when I’m there and helping others climb the mountain of courage by the thousands….changing the fabric of middle america…..

Many are going to attempt to jump on the bandwagon….

I wont stop them….Ive been through too much to hold grudges to those who lack faith….for I still struggle.

But its virtually impossible to understand whats going on in the game if you just start watching in the fourth quarter……and theyll never get to play because they skipped practice.

We will win …….we always do….not because we’re that good….but because we keep going when everyone else has quit.

#RebuildingMySoul #MyDreamMyDriveMyNow #LovingME




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