the journey is the destination


I’ve been told by many therapists and mentors alike that journaling is food for the soul and the life blood of progress.

I’ve often used my many blogs and writings as the timeline of my life and process of growth, but what I’ve come to realize is that the discipline of breaking down your last 24 hours to its lowest common denominator is the real jewel of journaling itself.

The discipline itself inspires a habit of retrospective analysis. A habit that is necessary and essential to the sustainability of any great success story.
Watch and track to greatest entreprenuerial stories of our day. Everyone from Elon Musk to Larry Paige all journal their personal and business successes and failures. their reasons Why for every decision and what they learned in the process.

The scars and travail of epic failures have no resolute value if not squeezed fervently for every drop of wisdom from the grasp of defeat

(I just asked my bby was that statement too much…she said it was a little extra but im leaving it in….lol)

Journaling does for our soul what a waterpik does for our oral health.
Can you live without it? absolutely.
Will there be the resdiue of life left in places your friendships cannot reach?

Journaling cleanses your heart palette like coffee beans at the the perfume counter.

the discipline of journaling is the stuff that great character is made of.

I suck at consistency

journaling helps me work on that.

trying to get better at the little things.

a poem, a blog, a gratitude post and a journal entry. those are my writing goals for 2016

someone once said, “you cannot write a book in a day, but if you write a page a day, youll have a book in a year.”

Let’s touch base this time next year and do a little retrospective analysis.


until then Let this marinate……my friends.


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