Capturing my Own Heart


The journey to love ones self is so interesting. It’s really interesting that much you begin to really work at learning to love who you are the way other people love you doesn’t seem to be as important as it once was.
Let me articulate that thought just a little better.

We are often told that we can never love another for the wheel of ourselves. You must first find a deep passionate and consuming love for ourselves just as we are before anyone can love us for WHO we are and in spite of what or where we are.

With this profound bit of information we set off on the journey  of finding love for ourselves.

It is during this journey that a curious type of metamorphosis begins to take place.

In my own experience during my 5 years of searching for the way of how to love me I discovered that as I focus more and more on ways to learn to express love to myself I had last time to focus on the Quality or quantity of love that I received from others.

in the process of learning to fill my own love cup and learning to completely fulfill my own intrinsic need for the expression of love; I found myself less inclined to judge and articulate judgement for what level or amount of love I did or did not receive from others.

I found myself much more open to the possibility that others were giving me the very limits of their available expression of love and not somehow failing willingly to meet the requirements of my conditions for a viable relationship.

In other words, I begin to be grateful for the measures of love Express to me by others instead of want to fight rating and grading the amount and quality of that expression driven by the lack of love that I was giving myself and place in that responsibility on others to fulfill.

The beautiful thing about this surance metamorphosis that happens with one place is full and complete focus on delivering 21 self all of the self love that is needed to sustain a hole and healthy life, is that now all the relationships that one has no longer have to bear the weight of one’s needs.
Every relationship can now be fully enjoyed, fully experienced and fully appreciated completely on its own merits and without the common hoops we place on each other to develop real connections.

When we meet our own needs first…..
Then we eliminate the possibility of someone else not meeting our needs.
Consequently, we eliminate disappointment from the equation and begin accepting and loving others for
who they are
Where they are
What they are
And why they are

Fully engaged and fully present

Appreciating life and love wherever it is found in our lives.
Without the weight of our unmet needs attached to every meaningful connection.

We are able to accept and appreciate….
Even treasure what others give us in expressions of love without requiring them to conform to our logical norms which are based on our own experiences and ours alone.

I have found this to be true in life time and time again. I am keenly aware however, that what is true for my life will not be true for everyone elses. If it were so, it would disprove this entire post.

Filling ones own “love cup” through the discipline of self love…..allows relationships to grow and mature at a natural pace. Without the constraints of constant measurements and expectations of what they should be….not appreciation for what they are.

I am yet discovering the depths of this epiphany. But the journey itself is #RebuildingMySoul, #HealingMyHeart
and giving me the courage to succeed or fail…..but do so while

Let it marinate folks.


Your greatest success and triumph lives next door to your greatest fear.


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