Day of Gratitude # 30

I know my counting is suspect and maybe inaccurate but thats one of the thiings that we are working on this year. Trying not to beat oursleves up if we arent perfect in everything we do. For instance, The world doesnt come to an end if we dont get to post our gratitude post everyday at a certain time and it doesnt mean we are a complete failure.

its the process of progress.

the speed of progress isnt as nearly as important as staying in the process.

im learning to celebrate the little victories. learning to not beat myself up when im not perfect. because i dont have to be.

funny thing is that there are quite a few people ive discovered that happen to think Im a pretty cool guy even when im not perfect.

so today

Im grateful for the process of progress

im grateful that I no longer fell as if I have to wear the perfect super smiley mask

im grateful for the freedom of transparency and authenticity affords me

im grateful that im learning to love and forgive me.

im grateful that im perfectly imperfect……and finally, at least for me…thats ok.




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