Day of gratitude # 30

today i am grateful for  family

“family is not your bloodline, family is in your dna.
family isnt whos in your bloodline, its whos in your corner.”

Ive been fortunate to have experience the best of both. but not all sometime do.
I have family in which I share not one common dna strand…….
but they treat me like theyve never imagined life without me.
and I have blood relatives that you never leave me in a pinch….

I am so grateful to those who took me into their arms, hearts, and families
Without pause and wih open arms….
I would have come to walk into such an uncommon life filled with an uncommon love, if it wasnt for you.
Thank you from the deepest recesses of my soul.

for you,……..for them…..
today, I grateful


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