Day of Gratitude #31

Here’s the thing: I figured you guys would be a little confused because most would expect the gratitude posts to be daily. Developing the habit of daily gratitude, thusly inspiring a more well rounded and emotionally grounded experience…..


You guys already know I’m a rebel. Now let’s be real and transparent…..

Do I suck at follow through and follow up. Nope. (You were expecting me to say yes weren’t you?) 

 But it is a challenge for me. I can’t say I suck because I’m an accomplished musician. Successful businessman . So apparently I am very good at follow through when properly motivated. 

But it is possible that I’m just too busy to writ daily posts of gratitude…..i.e…why I’m writing this at 2am on Saturday night? (We will leave the pathetic social life out of this conversation) 

 But yes it is possible…..maybe even probable…….but I’m writing so we’ll never know…

But for today, my gratitude is simple yet so very important to me…..
Today I am grateful that I live in the United States of America. Land of the FREE and home of the brave. I’ve fought for this country….put my life on the line for this country.

Because what I am most grateful for is that I am in complete and total control of my life and future in this country. No matter what. 

In this country I decide what happens to me and my family…and no one else…..ever.

I know some will disagree and swear the government this and society that……

Bottom line is this: I’m grateful that anyone can be wealthy in this country at anytime. And in this country, when you make enough money……

Not one of these idiots matter……

I’m grateful that I live in a country where I have the opportunity to make a living abundant enough where anything these people could do for me…I can better provide for myself. Making them of no consequence.

(7FDNation walking away from this election….no matter which side wins…the country is going to implode)

For the fact, I don’t have to depend on any president for anything ever….

Today….I am grateful.

(Can’t elect how much I decide to put in here… How long it stays….how much I choose I accumulate in there and what I do with it… can ya?)



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