Day #33 of gratitude

  Today I’m grateful for the VA

You won’t hear this often because we’ve made a campaign agenda out of vilifying the VA

But as many of you know, I’m a veteran 

Combat veteran

And despite what the media doles out to the controversy hungry American public, 

When I was in desperate need, the VA was there for me

Would’ve been there sooner if it weren’t for my pride and ego…

As I have struggled to deal with the after effects of combat duty…

The VA has stepped up to the plate and helped in every way conceivable…

I am thankful that despite the propaganda that the current election cycle would like to spread about the VA, as a veteran in the health care system, I applaud the effort and concern of the workers, staff and physicians of the VA to right the wrongs of the system and make good on the promise of this country to take care of those who put their lives on the line for freedom.

Today I am grateful for every physician, intake specialist, and VA volunteer that makes the system work for people like me….

Today I am grateful to you…

For all that you do. 



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