Day 1

First day at the gym in a long time…..everyday at 6am.

Feels good to be in the gym…

Listened to motivational video 10 times this morning and left the house highly motivated and determined to win today at all costs.

Stopped to have coffee with Catelin… proud of her. Best part of my day

Midday, staying positive and determined…there’s no quit in me.

1pm….5 businesses down, 6 cold calls and seminar in July set.

18 more to go.

Really rough day…

im just not sure what I’m missing…..

people desperately need what I have to offer….

no one I speak to has it.

im just not speaking the southern language for them to understand how much in jeopardy their way of life is.

they have cancer

i have the cure

what is there to think about?

their car is broken and not working

im handing them the keys to a new vehicle

why would they prefer walking instead?

im not sure how to help those who won’t admit they need help.

i want to help people not go through what I went through not being educated and prepared.

“let me think about it” can end up costing you decades of financial ruin….I know…..I’ve been there.

I’m going to save as many people as I can….for as long as I can.

Sadly, I haven’t figured out how to let people know that this isn’t a job to me…..

this is my passion……it’s not about my commission…..I don’t even keep track of that….

i keep track of the lives I’ve changed and saved when the inevitable calamity happens….

how many mortgages that get paid on time even though they’re laid up in a hospital bed.

how many college tuitions still get paid

the lights stay on

the businesses that stay afloat

the bankruptcies that DONT get filed

thats what I keep track of.

because I helped put money in people’s bank accounts when their job stops paying….

i help the little guy……

when the little guy will listen…



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