My little 365 day experiment.


The Must see video of the insanely successful online entrepreneur Frank Kerns interviewing Tony Robbins about his new book

Money: Master the Game

Frank Kern interviews Tony Robbins


Good Monday gang…

We often feel as if we are drowning in information from all sides. Some believe the government will fix our lives….some believe God will….
I tend to side with a great quote Tony Robbins says in the above interview, “ We’re drowning in information when what we truly need is wisdom.”

I love to hear all the critiques of methods never attempted by those not brave enough to fail. I initially intended on reviewing Tony Robbins new book, “Money: Master the Game”. But I felt that for the endless books and videos that Tony Robbins has inadvertently sown into my life, he deserved a fair shot at my whole hearted implementation of his premise before my theoretical dissection of his conclusion.

So, true to form, I will be documenting my journey in the implementation of these techniques. And to start at the ground zero, to eliminate the protests of those claiming that I may have an unfair financial advantage…..I’m starting this journey with just $20. Let’s see how far and we can grow it in just 355 days using these strategies. I will be posting weekly updates as I learn and implement the techniques in the book.

I encourage you to follow along. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. And as always….


#IAmLimitless #GAPimpleton

Here is the link for a FREE copy of Tony’s new book (only pay 7.95 for s&h)


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