Here’s the secret of changing your life today.

The above is only true and can only be true if the following is priority number one…EVERYDAY…….ALL DAY……CONSISTENTLY…..AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY.


There’s absolutely no way around it. Often we attempt to find the short cut. Rationalize our way over it. Sweep it under the rug. Get caught up in symptomatic consequences to avoid the true cause of our circumstances. We label those who challenge the status quo as “confrontational” and improper. But the truth remains…..we as human beings, instinctively will do anything to remain comfortable…

The thing about remaining comfortable… can’t be in your comfort zone of denial and also be your best self. I’ve learned this the hard way. In business, you can’t play it safe and be revolutionary. Be a trailblazer. It’s one or the other. There’s no grey area. 

Now understand, everyone cannot be a trailblazer. And there’s nothing wrong with finding a cozy little spot in life and watch the days go by. But understand that if that the choice we make, we also are choosing not to live up to our full potential and make our mark in history. I often hear from many, ” I’m raising great kids and work at my church. I donate my time and volunteer. I’m making a difference.” I ask simply this: “Are you doing anything in your life that no one else couldn’t do?” 

The really honest answer is “No”

If you died today….someone else could raise your kids to be healthy wholesome adults. There are plenty people who could do you job at work. Volunteer where you volunteer. And on and on. Truth is, until you dare to draw on the infinite power of the creative purpose that lies within you….you are just existing. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t confuse it with purpose. That’s not purpose….that’s your plan.

Revolutionary living costs you something.  It’s not free. It’s a lonely existence. Not for the weak of heart. Life is hard. Entrepreneurship is hard. Business ownership is hard. It’s promised that “A man that is born of a woman is of a few days and are full of trouble.” Job 14:1

If you’re going to pay a price simply by living, why not pay for something extraordinary instead of average and comfortable?

Few, if any, understand the mind and heart of those who choose to risk it all to achieve something phenemonal and exceptional. We dreamers and believers have come to accept that. To have our processes, work ethic and passion questioned at every turn with the only motivation coming from within. 

If you dare and have the courage to walk our path….I commend you. Also I offer this advice: Do not be dismayed at the size of the crowd. Go the extra mile….traffic is great because no one ever goes the extra mile. It’s too expensive. Stay true to your dreams. They are yours. And as long as you breathe, “IMPOSSIBLE” simply means “I’M POSSIBLE”.

Change the world….they’re waiting on you.

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