10 ideas everyday

1. If someone can completely upend the credit score business….it’s a racket ran by
The white collar mob…..that person could singlehandedly change the economy of all of NATO…and send the establishment into a widespread panic. It would be beautiful.

2. Beer delivered like domino’s pizza on college campuses.

3. Geographically (accent) and ethnically correct SIRI for IPHONE. IPHONEs sold in Boston would  have Boston accents….and could only be bought in boston.

4. Remake the Titanic movie with only black people. Sorry…I still think it would be hilarious.

5. Free Trump phones for minorities. (He’d win….just saying….my people are easily bought and impressed)

6. Bernie Bluetooths (again…he’d win…..just sayin)

OK 3 serious ideas (btw..I was serious about the first six)

7. Teach entrepreneurship as a required course in high school. Like math and english. You have to pass to graduate.

8. Give everyone the option not to fund social security now. The ones paying won’t see  dime of it. The age will be 80 in ten years.

9. Every required college text book should be downloadable on iTunes or the google play store….by chapter. Pay per chapter. Just like music.

10.  No church should be allowed tax exemption status until they reach a required amount of consistent tithing members. Say 50? This will curb the explosion of people too lazy to work and would rather hustle hurting people. It would stop people who disagree with the color of the new carpet from going to start their own church…..and it would put 40% of people that have no business being pastors out of business and force them to sit in someone else’s church until they get it together.


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