10 ideas today for 4/17/2016

  1. Create a business school/ curriculum / e-course for all 1099 business owners. Real estate agents, insurance agents, small business brick and mortar, car salesmen, etc. 

  most of these industries train well at selling the product but are dismally poor at teaching the few that become successful at managing their business. You may be great at selling houses but suck at running a business. There is no way to earn your way out of a financial train wreck. You can sell a dream but you can’t fix stupid. 

 2. Every Americans should be required to work in a restaurant, drive through, fast food, retail, mall or go into the military before age 23. If they don’t, they can only work at the DMV. If all Americans were forced to work a customer service job before they marry with kids….people wouldn’t be such spoiled brats to waiters and cashiers.

3. There needs to be universal auto insurance like universal healthcare. 

4. It be tougher to get married in America than it should be to get divorced. We have it backwards. Really, think about it. Make people really think about what they’re doing before they do it. Make it hard. Make marriage counseling mandatory. The way we have it now….we can fly first class into a bad deal in three days and a drive through. But after we realize we made a mistake we catch holy hell trying to correct it? I could’ve bought a new car for what mine cost me! Prevent the mistake…don’t punish and make it hard for people’s to correct it. Marriage licenses should be $4000. Divorce decrees should cost $10. 

  5. “FaceBook’em” Any social, legal, racial, gender bias or injustice witnessed….here’s the solution. An anonymous Snapchat like app that gives four lines to describe event and is attached to the photo snapped by cell phone of witnesses….and is instantly attached to all of the wrongdoers social media. Boom! All lives matters.

6. (Haven’t worked out the details) Preachers who blatantly misinterpret and warp the Bible to sway the Biblically uneducated to follow them should be ticketed and fined. Have to report to court to prove their assertions factually. God bless America, right?

  7. Self cleaning dishes……just sayin

Okay here’s the money makers….

  8. A car seat that gently rocks and stabilizes the baby, no matter the speed and sudden stops. Motorized and gyroscope enabled. 

  9. Powered alcoholic beverages. Nuff said.

10. Self correcting and adjustable contact lenses that adjust automatically as your eyes worsen with age or improve.

Bonus: biodegradable and dissolving braces….(again, no details worked out yet) 



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