Make America Great….Again? 

A very wise woman recently shared this very simple statement with me yesterday

So profound and so simple.

So what’s the “ah ha” moment here, Gerald?

Here you go:

We, as business and thought leaders….Americans….citizens and members of a global economy strive to achieve a level of comfort in our lives with every decision, vote, choice we make.

Our lives and buying decisions are completely enveloped in the pursuit of comfort.

We buy the car that’s the most luxurious and fits into our budget…..which is also a response to the search for economical comfort.

We take the job that pays the most….not the one that we are passionate about.

We counsel high schoolers to go into fields that pay well and will be around for years to ensure a method to build a life of comfort…….even though that has proven to be a failed method.

Comfort foods

Fast food


And app for everything to make life quicker, easier, less taxing

Difficult relationships we run from

Divorce is easier because marriage is harder

Wear a wrap instead of changing your eating habits and going to the gym

There’s a drug for everything. ADD, ADHD, RLS, DIABETIC FOOT PAIN…..

we treat symptoms and ignore the causes because that requires discipline and uncomfortable weeks of willpower.

We don’t want to rebuild and change our country….we just want the four year fix

Send our kids to every activity we can afford instead of changing our lives and being the “entertainment” we complain about.

Yet we will all agree that greatness can only be found outside of our comfort zones….

And we do everything we can to set up camp INSIDE our comfort zones…..

So why are we perplexed that our lives are at best mediocre existences? 

This sound familiar? ” How ya doing?” “Same ole same ole….another day at the salt mine.”

Make America great again? 

How? When we don’t want to be uncomfortable at all!

My favorite is when people say to me, “Why are you always talking about those rich people?”

James Altchur. 

Elon Musk. 

Bill Gates. 

Warren Buffett. 

Tony Robbins. 

The Forbes 400.

Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Grant Cardone. 

Eric Thomas. 

Bob Procter. 

Those people aren’t normal people. And you aren’t them. That’s not realistic. Why do you tell people they can achieve their level of success?”

Truth is: EVERYONE reading this blog can achieve even more than those anomalies.

The only difference between you and those guys is this:

(Here’s the secret so pay attention)

They have made it their life’s work to live in a constant state of uncomfortability. They look for uncomfort risks. Opportunities to reveal their insecurities and weaknesses. They live exposed. We spend our lives trying to hide them all and find a place of comfort.

That’s it.

It’s a simple change in your thought process. Still a little confused. We put it in pictures and talked about it here a few posts ago 

How entrepreneurs think and why they are successful.

That’s all.

In short….

You can’t have it all until you’re willing to risk it all.

We at 7FigureDestiny have a group of likeminded individuals that want more….

Interested. Take look at

and once you get MORE here’s what to do with it…..

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail


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