What is your #1 career hurdle right now?

As you know, I ran a survey a few weeks back. In reading hundreds of responses to the question: What’s your #1 career hurdle right now…
There were 3 recurring topics.

And, in today’s post, I’ve linked to some articles, videos and resources that will help you overcome these obstacles – immediately.
Let’s get to it.
#1) I’m under paid, under utilized and not getting the challenges I deserve in my current role. How do I upgrade so I get more respect (and compensation)? 

#2) The role I want requires me making a BIG pivot. It’s likely not going ot be advertised and I’m not sure how to get my foot in the door (everyone says “networking,” but that’s not working for me). How do I change career paths when I seem to be lacking everything “they” say I need? 


#3) In the morning, it takes everything in me to get out of bed. I hit the snooze button more times than I can count. I hate feeling this way and know I’m capable of so much more, but how do I figure out exactly what I want to do in my life?


BTW – if NONE of these fit your biggest hurdle, comment below and let me know what it is so I can tackle it in an upcoming post. 

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Have a good one,

Gerald A. Pimpleton

CEO of 7FigureDestiny Marketing Solutions / 7FigureDestiny Communications Inc. / My7FigureDestiny.IProfitNow.com



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