What if…..

What if things don’t end up like they’re supposed to?

What if this work, this energy I’ve invested doesn’t pay off?

What if  I stay “average”?

What if my story was never meant to be unique?

What if I try and I fail?

What if my friends stop calling, I let my family down…what if people don’t like what I have to say?

What if my idea is a little too out there?

What if I’m pushing things too far and too quickly?

What if the worst possible scenario happens and I lose everything?

What if Success was meant for someone else?

What if I’m meant to work, pay bills and to sleep?

What if the starting role is just too much for me?

What if I was a born follower? What if I never find happiness? What it I don’t choose the right path? What if I get lost?

What if I can never be as good as the person standing right next to me?

What if a life of meaning will be something I’ll always have to stare up at?


Or what if I just change the way I look at the world?

What if today is just the beginning?

What if I decide who I am and what I am to be and become it?

What if my actions can create a ripple effect that can transcend space and time?

What if impossible isn’t fact? What if it’s just an opinion….and what if I don’t buy it?

What if this new world means that existence starts with me?

What if I can be the one people look up to?

What if my past got me here but has no effect on where I’m wanting to go? 

What if every single day is a fresh start? 

What if I can be the one who defies the odds? 

What if my dreams become the standard?

What if my ideas change the way people see reality?

What if the term “difficult” is nothing but a cop-out?

What if my doubters ignite the flame of my success?

What if my fear of mediocrity overcomes my fear of the unknown?

What if second place no longer an option?

What if I choose to live every second of my life as if it’s a miracle?

And what if that’s exactly what it is…..a miracle?

And I start living like it….start thinking like it….

To never sell myself short….

What if nothing good happens until I believe it?

What if I stop wasting my time trying to convince others because I am the only one who must be convinced?

What if I don’t fall

But end up flying?

Have you ever had this conversation in your head? How often? How do you answer yourself? How does that conversation affect your habits and actions? Share and comment below.  Our shared experiences become our shared learned lessons. 

In case you identify with the last half of this article……but don’t know where to start…..let me suggest http://www.My7FigureDestiny.IProfitNow.com.


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