Something I want to address for 2 reasons

1. I’m asked about this on a daily basis
2. Because it will change how you see your future

Effort and talent always find a way. Pure and simple
There are no exceptions to this rule.

Funny thing, the ppl that are worried
Haven’t found their path, don’t know their skill set
Terrified about the future
If that’s you….you’re already doing the work.

You’re thinking about the right things. You’ve made your life a priority

It’s the dude on the couch eating potato chips or coasting through life
With a JOB that should be concerned. And my guess is that he’s probably not.

Here’s the golden ticket
It’s the idea of repurposing that anxiety or any uncertainty you have into a sense of exploration because it’s a good thing

Caring is step one. Having the drive is step one
You have all the pieces. You are there.

Just like a parked Ferrari
Yeah it’s not moving but is there any reason to be concerned?
Of course when it gets on the freeway it’s gonna fly.
It might not know what freeway or what street but what does that matter?
It’s gonna fly.

Just like you. If you have the drive to improve yourself odds are you’re going to improve yourself and succeed.

So relax.

Because the truth is life isn’t as serious as we make it out to be.
It just isn’t.

All the pressure you feel to make the career choice, choose the he right school, marry the right person, live in the right state is pointless….

When you ARE the right person… will succeed at whatever is placed before you.
And when you fail….and you will… won’t choose to lose……you’ll choose to learn.

You are the initiator of success. You are the Ferrari

So maybe it’s door A or door B or door C
But whichever you choose to kick down…it will be yours to conquer. And you can forget a lot of things in life but you can’t forget that!

As Tolkien said, “all who wander are not lost.”

Winner find a way to win. They just do.
So you might as well relax and enjoy the process.


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