Why Real Estate Agents need to have Insurance Licenses

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents need to have Insurance Licenses (and use them)


Has the Insurance Field always intrigued you?  Haven’t you seen many insurance people do and live very well?  There are some secrets you can learn. Before you learn, you must realize why it is such a great field.  Here are just a few appealing benefits of being in the insurance field.  (While staying in the real estate world) – SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MOVIE WHY NOW IS THE TIME

1.  Everything is cyclical.  Real Estate markets suffer the same cyclical trend as the stock market.  The next downturn is in motion.  Incomes will drop, lifestyles will change.  You have inventory (your prospects, your customers, your clients). They have needs, other needs that you can help them with, beyond Real Estate. You are sitting in the cat-bird seat to be their quarterback and help them reduce their expenses, get better quality products and help retain them as your prospect and client by opening up a platform of quality insurance and financial products that will keep them aligned with you – and, prevent another real estate person from getting their hands on them.


2.  Be known as their go-to advisor.  You already established a warm-fuzzy relationship.  Why not capitalize on that by quarterbacking or call the plays in other fields that you can refer out to?  It’s music to your ears to hear them say “He (or she) is much more than a Realtor or real estate friend”.  Don’t you think you would create better branding and increase top of mind awareness better leveraging your relationship leading to additional business?

3.  You become well-rounded. By holding an additional license you gain expertise in areas that competitor Real Estate salespeople cannot achieve.  You are held at a higher level educationally and your ability to move people toward the result they need is more easilly acheived.  Fact is that when your level of financial knowledge increases, so does the level of who you communicate and associate with.  Leading to higher sales numbers, interacting with higher priced properties and working with the elite investors come easier and more natural. They also can trust you over another to handle their affairs.


4.  Become more astute and aware in your own life with regard to how you handle your own affairs, money management, insurance jargon, regulations and they pertain to insurance, housing, building, and can shop the best deals not only for your clients and prospects but for yourself too.

5.  Immediate Income.  Renewing Income.  Potentially High Income.  Leveraged Income.  More qualified prospects, why?  Because not everyone is ready, willing or able to buy or sell property or rent immediately.  But everyone needs insurance, to lower their payments, to earn more on their money, and to learn more along their way.  Imagine having multiple ways to connect with people and be ready for them no matter what the conversation. 

Ready to turn your typical approach on its head and multiply your value to your clients?
Schedule a conversation with me or my team at http://www.calendly.com/gapimpleton or email me at gapimpleton@gmail.com


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