the business of figuring out my business

Oh yeah. …..I’ve got dozens of them.

I’m a motivational speaker…. (I hate that term) 

So I am a living, breathing ball of “get off your butt and change the world NOW!”

BUT how does a person driven to change the world change his own?


Very quietly…..and without fanfair……

We’re going back to story telling here. I’m going to attempt to write again for the readers. You guys. I know we’ve switched the tone of the blog often…..but isn’t that what this is about?

Finding my 7FigureDestiny?

Its here somewhere. 

Head down Grind24/7

“When you have no idea what to do, do what you know how to do until the solution presents itself.” – Les Brown

Told you I had tons of them! 

Hang on…let’s see where this ride will take us.

brief update to those not in the loop.

the app is coming Sept or Oct. this year. 

The green company I am working with is

I’m only taking new insurance clients in SC, GA and NC. but I’m no longer tied to one company, due to my former partnership’s limitations to my clients. Independent broker life is amazing. Nothing like being able to be completely honest with clients and never sell the “company”.

make appts. @

No seriously. …..keep watching….


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