The Difference between “I Am” and “I Wish”

Tomorrow is the most dangerous word in the English vocabulary.

Tomorrow diminishes the scarcity of the air you’re breathing right now.

It tells you that someday you can begin your journey and you should just make yourself content right now.

While it’s a symbol for hope, it could be the reason all of your dreams remain little images in your head.

Tomorrow gives those who lack courage and are resistant to change an escape from the call to courage.

Tomorrow can be worse than failing. Because it often implies there was never a beginning.

People hate their jobs and validates their choice by saying they’re building a resume.
People have jumped on the first train that would make them socially acceptable that would make them feel safe……

But what if….you choose to skip the train to mediocre-ville?

Who really knows how many tomorrows we will really get?
That courage to wait for the power of going for it right now instead of greedily inhaling the passivity of tomorrow’s perfect circumstances is the difference between I am and I wish.

Think about it.


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