Is Love enough?

Liat Aharoni

Liat Aharoni

I’ve got a job, I’ve got enough money to support myself, I was able to move across the world to start a new life, I’ve got amazing roommates and good friends in my life. It almost seems like I’ve got the perfect life, but I don’t.

I’ve got a good life, I’m happy most days. I’ve worked hard and smart to be where I am now and continue to work hard, but none of it matters much to me without love because love is only thing that people crave in this life.

I can write a book on being single (I actually did), I can tell you how wonderful it is because some days it is wonderful. Some days I love nothing more than being single, it makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. It makes me feel whole and alive and like nothing could ever make me come down from the high I’m on. I laugh at the thought of dating, in being reliant and basically dependent on someone, but that’s only on the good days.

On the bad days I feel a sting of loneliness that bites and makes me question everything that’s wrong with me. It makes me wonder what God has planned for me in order to keep putting me through this vicious cycle of falling and being rejected. It makes me feel like I’m unlovable.

It makes me realize I would choose love over everything else.

I would choose love over being rich or famous or successful, in a second. I would rather marry someone I love with every fiber in my being than even consider marrying someone I don’t love fully for money. I would never trade my relationship with someone I love for a career. I would never date someone in order to maybe be in the spot light a few times in my life because none of that matters to me.

The only thing that matters to me is love, is true, honest, real love.

That’s not to say you can’t balance a successful career and a successful, love filled relationship because you definitely can, but I would never sacrifice my relationship for a career, or money.

I wouldn’t care if we lived in a shack, if we did what we loved every day and we were happy with our lives and ourselves.

I’d live out of a van, in a shack or in a motel. I’ve never worried about where I’d live as long as I’m with the person I love and we can afford the basic things we need to live I’ll be happy.

I’d go anywhere, as long as we’re happy because I’d choose love over everything.

I believe you have to choose love over everything else because while I sit here typing this and consider all the accomplishments I have in my life I realize none of them really matter because I don’t have anyone to share them with. You can only be so happy for yourself, there are only so many things that can bring you joy before you need another human being to bring you joy and that joy sprouts from love.

Life is a long trip alone because it supposed to be you versus the world, you’re supposed to have your best friend, your biggest support system and your person by your side. There is only so much you can do by yourself and handle when times get tough. Life is meant to be shared with someone you love.

I would choose love over anything because materials mean so little when someone could mean so much, and with the love of your life by your side that’s all you need to make it through everything.

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