Why we lose at life and never know it.

Seth Godin (one of my favorite people on the planet) was recently on Chase Jarvis Live Show podcast (one of the three podcast I consistently listen to) and I simply couldn’t resist from sharing this, in my opinion HUGE ephiphany.

Our lives from grade school to retirement has become such a reverse vortex for success. My generation has the unique elements and socioeconomic circumstances all converging at the same time. Our parents retired working one or two jobs for 20 years each. We will average 5 career changes in our work life. Our children will average 5 jobs at one time.

My generation has the constant Jersey Shore and very Jewish cautionary voice of a Fran Drescher-like parent peppering our psyche with the mantra of “marry a doctor (from the women) or smart homemaker (for the guys); go to college; get a good paying job and stay there for 20 years and be thankful for every 2% raise.” What’s so incredible about that advice is that baby boomers are outliving their money at alarming rates. That indocterinated system of conquering the world isn’t even working for the ones who are still giving it!

I could pontificate endlessly on the obliteration of the status quo and readily gobbled up way to the American Dream. But I want you to hear this so I will give you the bomb, if you will…

We crave SECURITY in our country, safety, jobs, careers, families and neighborhoods.

Oddly enough, NOTHING…..

NOTHING special happens inside our comfort zones. We quietly die and suffocate…drowning in mediocrity and insignificance….draped in our faux blanket of SECURITY….

WHY, you ask….?

Because the truth is RISK means that whatever we are attempting MAY NOT WORK….

And our egos and risk tolerance will not allow us to show up to life with egg on our faces…

(Still wondering about the speed skating graphic? Here ya go)

Seth Godin shared his love of speed skating in a recent interview with Chase Jarvis. He only took one lesson but fundamentally changed his view of the sport once hearing this explanation. He asked what was the secret to winning at speed skating. His instructor shared this simple fact:

The one who leans forward the most always wins.”

Seth asked, “What if you lean forward too much?”

The instructor replied,”Then, you’ll fall flat on your face!”

Seth, a bit puzzled, inquired,” How do you know when you’ve leaned forward enough?”

The instructor simply stated,”When you win. If you lose, it wasn’t enough. If you fall, that was too much.”

We see others massing enormous fortunes and making self affirming assumptions that they must be well connected, come from a wealthy family, done something illegal, cheated, have no morals, or have no relationship with God. Or worse, sacrificed their families to live lives in such abundance. 

All the while, choking on so much debt that we can’t afford to pay any bill on time or buy the basic necessities because we have to have some of amenities we vilify “those” people for.

Our parents way won’t work in this economic climate. But we are steeped in the paralysis of analysis………we refuse to lean forward enough to actually win for once……

(No worries, I’m sure you are all convinced that either Trump or Hillary will fix it….whomever you fancy…..you’d be sadly mistaken)

Lean forward folks…..I promise that falling flat on your face or actually winning upon occasion is FAR better than losing EVERYTIME for life!

Turn that down on simmer and LET THAT MARINATE, FLKS.

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