I seriously forcing myself to create strong habits. Ugh.

No…..there will not be pretty pictures…

I could careless about the proper tags for Google analytics.

This is simply about creating a habit of consistency.

I’m writing because I committed to write daily. 

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say today because I’m in the middle of a very trying time in life and it is those times where I pretty much just stop talking. 

Except…that one time….when I started this blog. (Smile)

I literally just recently blocked my day into 15 min increments. From 6am to 10am. New morning routine. Trying to implement rigid schedule adherence. 

Uhm….I really suck at this….no really. I’m not sure if a rigid morning routine is supposed to start my day off by making me feel as if I’m behind and losing already. I think I missed something… lol 

But it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so I’m sticking to the gameplan. Can’t know if you never follow through. 

Speaking of which. I have a 2 pm call today and I can’t remember with who.

I’m really bad at that. Whomever you are, if I can’t figure this out by 2pm. I’m really really sorry. I just know it was someone who wanted some advice. I’m so much better with my coaching calls. I just want to give value to every one who asks. 

Anywho…..I wrote something.

Disjointed…vaguely apathetic….emotionally lathargic and yet refreshingly unrehearsed…..and not search engine optimized. 

Oh gosh, okay….here’s a picture….

Have an awesome day guys.

“It’s not what you get that makes your life great….it’s what you give.”- G.A.Pimpleton 

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