Celebrate the small wins…

I haven’t really ever understood how to balance the expectations of others and what I’ve understood my purpose in life is.

Often, the gremlins in my head …..you know, that voice in your head that keeps a constant monologue playing….

You’re not good enough

You work too much

You can’t get it right

You don’t work enough

You’re not committed enough

What you feel is right is wrong

They’ll never open the door

You’ll never make enough money

You have to be selfish to achieve that level of success.

You’re too messed up and broken….

That voice…..

We drown out with motivational videos 

Reading every personal development book we can find…

Podcasts, sheer determination, willing ourselves to keep going in the face of failure after failure.

Having conversations with anyone that can pour encouragement into us.

Desperately trying to add value to anyone’s life that will allow us to….hoping that if we give enough….something will work….eventually…

Yet it plays relentlessly…..
The general consensus is that if you pour in enough “good”  the “bad” will be displaced by the law of displacement. 

That the “struggle” is equal to the level of “greatness” 

So we continue the struggle in faith and in hope……and in silence.
Somehow we convince ourselves that at some point, we will ascend to a level where we will be welcomed into the club of likeminded individuals…..behind the veil of “those people” 

But in the day to day struggle for a goal that NO ONE sees but you…….

You yearn for progress…..just a glimpse of light…..

Just ONE WIN…..just one….

Here’s what’s so interesting…..

If you honestly …..that’s what’s the secret is…..HONESTLY

Look at your life, family, career, dreams…..you’ve often won already. But didn’t acknowledge it or waited for someone else to celebrate your accomplishment.

Truth is…..these are YOUR DREAMS, YOUR GOALS,

They mean NOTHING to ANYONE else but YOU….

I know that’s harsh……but it’s true. If you make a reservation for a table of four and no one you know wants to eat with you…..why would you be upset that you’re eating at a table with three empty seats? (Hey, I’m talking to myself as much as I’m sharing with you guys.)

Get a table for one!
We don’t celebrate the small wins…..so we have no idea what a win feels like and are oblivious to the wins we have accomplished.

Which makes us run perpetually on the treadmill of achievement

Those of you who know me, know there’s a POA coming…(plan-of-action)

I’m gong to learn to celebrate me.

Commit to my own goals. Stop asking for permission. Be the “me” I enjoy. 

But most importantly…..take the time to celebrate my own victories.

Because life is a race, not run against others, but run against ones self. 

Choose your own pace, celebrate every mile yourself….and you will find yourself running next to people that run like you, at your speed and are going your direction.


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