It is not the critic who counts…..

Often times, we are disheartened by the critique or opinions of the “pundits” of our lives. As a “creative“, (someone who puts their triumphs and failures onto a platform for the world to see, in hopes that it inspires, challenges and encourages others to risk theit good for great) I risk daily the very thing I have struggled with my entire life everyday…..rejection.

You see it takes no courage to go do a job with no responsibility or accountability for the outcome. No hope for a positive outcome. Let me further explain.

 I grew up in a Christian home. The popular consensus at the time was if you “do what God calls you to do, it doesn’t matter what people think or how they receive it.” So that thought process completely absolved the “doer” of any responsibility of the state of delivery of said thing. Neither does it call for any investment of who and what you are….emotionally or otherwise.

I explain this to highlight that anything worth doing is worth the investment of seeing that thing to its best end. If it’s not worth that…..don’t do it. Why? Because it’ll never be more than ordinary. And life is too short and to difficult to spend it doing ordinary things. 

This brings us back to the aforementioned premise that it takes a measure of courage to risk the extraordinary on a daily basis. To live life devoid of the autopilot setting so many of us choose to remain on. To pour your heart and soul into something to see it go unseen, unappreciated or see it change no one’s life……and to get up the next day, in the face of that dismal failure and try again… risk the door being shut in your face….to risk the “Same Ole motivational bologna” being attached to what you write or post….

To risk the “just another salesman” attitude before you have a chance to say one word….

That takes an intestinal fortitude that most will never have to use or find….because they will never let go of their false sense of security to pour themselves into something uncertain.

For those in the arena, I implore you…keep risking it all. Keep fighting…..keep trying….keep getting up after every fall…..silense the 3am gremlins in your mind and your surroundings……


because it’s not the critic who counts…’s he, who if he fails at least fails while daring greatly. Because his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Dare Greatly, my friends.


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