The 4 major lessons in life to learn

Life and business is like the changing seasons

You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself

Life doesn’t get better by chance but by change.

Life hasn’t changed for 6000 years…..

So the only way your life will change is if you change.

The 4 major lessons in life to learn are:

1. Learn how to handle properly the winters of life. 

They come consistently after every fall. Without fail. You can’t avoid them or surround yourself with the right people so that you don’t experience them. They  are coming. For everyone. All the time. So you must learn how to handle them properly .Some are short. Some are long. Night comes after day. The winter when it all goes south. The winter when they don’t need you anymore. The down times. But you can’t get rid of January by tearing it off the calendar. You change the winter.

2. Learn how to take advantage of the Spring.

It follows every winter. But you have to take advantage of the good times. You have a choice: get good at planting in the spring or begging in the fall.

3. Learn how to take care of your crops in the summer.

Everything good in your life will be attacked. The fact that what you plant is attacked is  proof that it’s good. Not that it’s wrong. Wrong is never attacked.So whatever you work hard to develop: businesses, skills, relationships, marriages, personal growth, spiritual growth, your health, and the list goes on…….you must protection or you won’t have it for long. Not to think so is to be naive. All values must be defended.

4. Learn how to reap in the fall without complaint

Take full responsibility for what happens to you. The evidence of full maturity is to reap your harvest without apology if you do well and without complaint if you dont. Most of us have a list of reasons why we haven’t the harvest to reap what we desire. The economy.  The government. Our boss. Our job. Our spouse or significant other. Our children. Our past. Etc.

Something to think about…courtesy of Jim Rohn.

Let it marinate, flks.


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