We aren’t all angry and threatened…enter Marcus Colston

In 10 years here on this Page, we’ve never seen anything like Marcus Colston. 

Most young black millionaires have at least seven different sources of income and revenue, cash flow. 

Marcus Colston has over 22! 

And that’s only what we found in the public records!

“A Peek Inside The Incredible Investment Portfolio of Marcus Colston”

by Philip Green

The young man will make more in his dividend checks in this one week alone than most people make in their salaries over an entire year! How is that possible? 

Monday September 26, 2016

How is this possible? 

Marcus Colston owns equity in some of these companies. That’s how.

Richard Parsons (owner of Cecil’s in Harlem) literally owns some of these companies. That’s how.
Most young black millionaires have at least seven sources of income and revenue. 

Marques Colston, age 32, New Orleans, has more than twelve!  Report and analysis by Philip Green 

Marques Colston is a $45 Million dollar professional athlete. How does he invest his money for his future as an entrepreneur and young businessman when his playing days are over? 
Where else is Colston’s money?
1. Colston has an equity stake and a board seat and/or management position with the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul 

2. Sports combine testing technology Sport Testing Inc. 

3. Sports performance facility D1 Sports 

4. Holistic wellness company Timeless Herbal Care

Welcome To Timeless Herbal Care

5. Angel network IBR Ventures

6. Nutraceutical company VitaGenesis 


7. Healthy water solutions company Watercura 

8. Functional water for kids, Wat-Aah! 

9. Enerskin 

10. NFL salary
11. Dividends from stock investments
12. Investment portfolio interest earned
When it comes to NFL players, there are few that have a portfolio of investments as extensive as New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston.

Marques Colston takes huge stake in Enerskin America

How $45 Million dollar athlete Marques Colston Became a Big-Time Startup Investor in Enerskin http://www.enerskinamerica.com/
September 26, 2016
Analysis by Philip Green, 

2016, The Black Hedge Fund Group


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