How a Man’s Soul Dies

How Your Soul Dies

By Bryan Ward, Founder of Third Way Man | 2 minute read

It had been too long since I’d last had a fire.

The next morning the smell of wood-smoke on my shirt stopped me in my tracks.

I didn’t wash that shirt for weeks.

After watching Avatar for the first time, I was racked with cravings for the feral life.

I wanted to drink blood from a horn, to let my body grime over with grease and gore.

The ancient Japanese in the Last Samurai and their lives rich in rock, fire, iron, and wood got me the same way.


You don’t sell your soul in some Faustian bargain.

You bleed it out slow, one sterile, plastic, right-angled day at a time.

You try to jump-start it with nostalgia.

You look back to your golden years, when you were a god.

You look back to that time you trekked through Nepal, or the summer you lived out of your pickup truck, broke, tan, and happy.

You look back and think “God to be single again.”

But that’s not it.

It’s not the large commitments you’ve accepted, but the small ones you’ve shirked.

Remember how simple it all is:

Music. Put on headphones, lose yourself. Drift into sleep with the sounds of the masters in your ears.

Writing. Dust off your journal. Write down your theories, your could-be futures, your unhinged rants.

Outside. Unplug everything. Walk a mile in the dark. Build an unreasonably large bonfire.

Poetry. Put the business book down. Try some Buber or Whitman or Ted Hughes instead.

Conversation. Ring up the best conversationalist you know and take him to lunch. Light each other’s minds on fire.


You know this.

So why did you stop?

You have a wife? You have kids? You have the busiest, most soul-sucking job on the planet?

Doesn’t matter.

Abandon your health, and your body will fail you.

Abandon your SOUL, and it will grind you into dust, destroying all meaning until you are lost in ways you cannot imagine.

It’s not hard.

No need to take some month-long “find yourself” trip to India.

Getting your soul back: the steps may be shocking, but they are simple.

Here’s how:

I mean no disrespect…

But the fact is, America is no longer the land of the free.

You and I…

We are the Modern American Slave.

We are the men who those in power feed upon, use up, and throw away.

The proof is everywhere:

Wall Street robbed us of our future when they raped and pillaged our retirement accounts.

Feminists robbed us of love and affection when they poisoned women’s hearts against us.

Washington robbed us of our freedom when they legislated away our God-given rights one by one.

In the process, they robbed us of the most precious thing of all.

They Robbed Us Of Hope

Across America, millions of men, just like you and me, are going dead inside.

Men once filled with hope and anticipation reduced to ghosts at the table, the fire inside slowly turing to ash.

If the state of modern America has made you cynical and pessimistic…

If you feel a growing sense of futility and hopelessness…

If you feel utterly unable to lead your family into the state of happiness and prosperity you long to provide them with…

Then you need to read every last word on this page, because you and I are brothers and I wrote this for you.

And I can say with utmost sincerity that what you’re about to learn here has the potential to change your life forever.

The Lie That’s Eating Your Soul For Lunch

They’ve been drilling it into your head since you were a little boy: “work hard and success will follow!”

“As long as you keep your head down, do as you’re told, and trust the system, all your blood, sweat, and tears will be rewarded!”

It’s an idea as American as baseball and apple pie.

And it’s a lie.

A lie designed to dull your wits and make you docile so they can feed on your life force, like pigs at a trough.

The truth is that hard work is NOT the deciding factor in your success or failure.

Not even close.

There is another far more essential factor that literally makes or breaks your ability to thrive. Without this factor, all your hard work will amount to NOTHING. Your life will have been wasted.

How do I know?

Because Modern America Almost Killed Me, Too

After I married my college sweetheart at age twenty five and started a family, everything was different than I thought it would be.

As a young boy, I had imagined raising my children in the greatest nation on earth.

But before my eyes, I saw our once great country became a nation of handout seekers and special interest groups.

I saw greedy billion dollar companies manipulate the political process to protect their interests and line their own pockets.

I saw moral decay and outright corruption at all levels of government.

In short, almost everything I had held sacred and loved about this country as a boy was being destroyed before my eyes… and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Technically I still lived in a “free” country. But I’d never felt more trapped, more stuck, more helpless.

I Began To Die Inside… And It Almost Cost Me Everything

At first, I was angry.

Then the anger turned to numbness.

Slowly but surely, my hopes and dreams for the future began to die inside me.

That’s when things started to fall apart.

I gained sixty pounds of fat in less than a year.

My energy and libido took a massive nosedive.

I criticized my wife and kids constantly and was absolutely miserable to live with.

I finally admitted to myself that the business I had started back in 2006 was a failure, and started sending out resumes. I felt crushed and utterly defeated.

The only place I felt anything remotely like “happy” was on the couch watching TV, with a beer in my hand and a bag of chips in my lap.

Then My Daughter’s Ninth Birthday Gutted Me

That could have been the end of my sad little story.

But then something happened that ended up saving my life.

It was the day of my daughter’s ninth birthday.

As I watched my first-born daughter that day, laughing and playing with her friends, I was shocked to see how much she had grown.

Suddenly it hit me like a punch in the face. I realized that at nine years old, she was already halfway to eighteen years old… half way to being out of the house and out on her own.

My eyes filled with tears as I thought of how much of these precious, fleeting years I had wasted in anger and hopelessness.

I thought of the pathetic legacy she was inheriting from me… a legacy of resignation, despair, and impotence.

Never had I seen the truth of my situation more clearly… and it absolutely gutted me.

I swore then and there I would do whatever it took to get free and get my life back.

The Blind Spot That Almost Drove Me Right Back Into My Cage

I’d tried to turn my life around before. Usually by forcing myself to “work harder” and “be more disciplined”… which usually lasted all of a few hours before I crashed and burned and felt even more pathetic than I when I’d started.

I was determined not to make the same mistake this time.

That’s when it hit me like a two-by-four to the head: I didn’t need to “work harder.” I needed to be INSPIRED.

I realized that trying to live your life without being inspired is like trying to drive a car without fuel.

It doesn’t matter how powerful your engine is. If there’s no gas in the tank, you’re going nowhere.

My whole life, I had thought of inspiration as something that was “nice to have.”

I realized now it was absolutely ESSENTIAL… and that its absence in my life was the root cause of all my misery.

I Became OBSESSED With Inspiration

I asked myself what turned out to be a life-changing question:

Was it possible to reverse-engineer inspiration? To live your life in such a way that you could experience inspiration “on demand?”

I thought of the cave man, who, for thousands of years, viewed fire as a random gift from the gods. Something that could not be created or controlled but only stumbled upon in rare, perfect storm scenarios, such as forest fires or lighting strikes.

I thought of that critical moment in history when man finally learned to create fire “on demand,” whenever he wanted to, with his own two hands.

That day marked a radical upgrade in man’s evolution.

In the same way, was it possible that we as a species had simply not yet discovered a mechanism for reliably capturing and harvesting inspiration… for reliably lighting our own internal fires?

…And if so, what was to stop us from learning how?

The Secret To Infinite Motivation

I thought back to the two periods in my life when I had been massively inspired.

…a time in my late teens and then again in my early twenties when I was absolutely on fire.

I realized with a shock that the same THREE THINGS had been in place each time…

…three things that usually occur in isolation from each other, but seemed to trigger insane levels of motivation when they were grouped together. Some kind of “force multiplier” effect.

On a hunch, I decided to intentionally combine these three things.

I’ll never forget what happened next.

1 Tweak That Unleashed The Beast

Within days, strange, mind-blowing things began to happen.

I re-opened my business and grew a client’s monthly revenue from $20,000 to $200,000 in six months… QUADRUPLING my own income in the process.

I lost sixty pounds in five months without even trying (you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get ripped when you’re on FIRE inside).

I got this crazy idea for an ad campaign… and used that simple idea to take a brand new venture from zero to $1.3M in sales in just nine weeks.

My relationship with my wife and kids improved dramatically. It felt like a second honeymoon with my wife. And I began to enjoy time with my kids so much I didn’t want the evenings to ever end.

Best of all, for the first time in years, I felt free.

Being lit from the inside created a kind of parallel universe in which I was able to thrive exponentially, immune to the outside forces that had me paralyzed just a few days before.

Then Things Got CRAZY When I Shared My “Get Lit” Formula With 1,000 Other Men

This was all LIFE CHANGING for me, of course… but could other men plug this same formula into their lives and experience similar results?

I decided to find out.

I wrote down the exact steps I had taken in a simple report and shared it with other dads on Facebook. All I asked for in payment was a nominal amount to help defray the costs of the advertising.

Before I knew it, over one thousand men had downloaded my little report. And the feedback completely blew me away.

One reader was on the verge of killing himself before finding my report, but after reading it, he regained his will to live and is now living a life of “passion and purpose” (his words).

Another reader told me how he used the report to rebuild his life after a brutal divorce.

As more and more success stories poured in, I was overwhelmed by the response.

Needless to say, this little experiment proved that ANYONE could use my formula to trigger “lit state” in their own life.

I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on this report as well… but first, let me finally introduce myself.


I’m Bryan Ward. I’m a husband, father of four, entrepreneur, writer, and founder of Third Way Man…

…And I’m passionate about helping other dads.

I believe that when men become LIT from the inside out, it will bring about levels of human flourishing and abundance we cannot even imagine, with massive ripple effects for generations to come.

For that reason, I believe that helping other men light the fire in their belly is one of the most important things I can do.

How To Be Inspired Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life

After seeing the changed lives from that small Facebook experiment, I decided it was time to open this up to a larger group of men.

I’ve been in the publishing world long enough to know I didn’t want to go the traditional publishing route, where the writer has limited control over the final product and no direct relationship with the reader.

So I decided to self-publish and share the “get lit” formula directly and exclusively from this website.

So now, without further introduction, here is the step by step formula for unleashing infinite motivation in your life…

The same formula already followed by one thousand men and counting…

The same formula that has already sparked an underground revolution:

LIT: How To Get Your Soul Back

It’s called “LIT: How To Get Your Soul Back.”

Think of it as ten years of blood, mud, sweat and tears distilled down into one potent 43-page report… like taking a swamp full of coal and compressing it all down into a single diamond.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the power of “micro-commitments” to easily tackle even the most daunting projects on your bucket list, no matter how beat down or unmotivated you feel right now
  • The “muse vs masterpiece” problem that traps 99% of men and gradually turns even the most loving of marriages into a secret hell. Your marriage will never truly satisfy you until you get this one thing handled
  • How to use Deathbed Tests to get crystal clear on what to do (or STOP doing) with your life
  • The 1 “invisible decision” most men don’t even know they need to make. Once you make this decision, feelings of unstoppable power and joy will become your “new normal”
  • The simple exercise that transforms you from a “wage slave” into an “alchemist” and unlocks your innate ability to attract wealth
  • How to use the Time vs Courage method to collapse time and increase your level of income and impact exponentially
  • How to “repurpose” fear and use it to flush out immense, life-changing opportunities that are invisible to you now
  • How to unleash the force of nature I call “The Ground” that will keep you inspired for the rest of your life
  • The Watermark Method for dealing with setbacks, even if you are notorious for getting de-railed by discouragement and doubt (like me)
  • And much more

You get it all in the form of a short, easy-to-read PDF available for immediate download. You can be reading it just minutes from now.

This Report Is NOT For Everyone

If you are easily offended by blunt language and the occasional F-bomb…

If you think Big Government is your friend and will fix your problems for you…

If you’ve never lived with a woman or had children and are therefore UNTESTED as a man…

Then this report isn’t for you.

On the other hand…

If you’re sick of living small and are desperate for a breakthrough…

If you have ANGER inside you I can turn into FUEL…

If you are (or were) a husband and a father and therefore have some SKIN IN THE GAME…

Then this report is going to blow your mind, because I wrote it for YOU. And it’s going to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Imagine If Every Day Felt Like Christmas

Remember that sense of magic you felt when you woke up and rushed down to the tree?

Imagine if every day was like that, starting tomorrow.

Imagine waking up each morning clear-eyed and alert, eager to seize the day.

Imagine feeling so much energy, motivation, and sheer joy that you find yourself in the best physical shape of your life, a nearly unconscious bi-product of being lit from the inside.

Imagine, years from now, when you are old, looking around with tears of gratitude at the legacy your fire created, with children and grandchildren who love and admire you, and want to be just like you.

How Much Is Infinite Motivation Worth To You?

If your doctor could write you a prescription for infinite motivation, how much would you be willing to pay to have that prescription filled?

For most men, infinite motivation would be worth huge sums of money.

Measured in the tens of thousands of dollars at least.

But let’s get real here.

I’m not going to ask you to pay “thousands” of dollars for a PDF.

That would be crazy (even though it WILL give you the keys to infinite motivation).

Why It’s Only $10

Although I know you’re going to love this report and find it insanely valuable…

…YOU don’t know that yet.

We’ve only just “met,” if you can call it that, and chances are you’re skeptical.

I get it.

So, as a show of good faith, I’ve decided to bend over backwards here and let you have the LIT report for the exact same ridiculously affordable price I first sold it on Facebook for, to the original one thousand readers.

You Love It Or I Eat Crow

To make your decision even easier, I’m also backing your investment with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works.

Enter your payment info on the next page, download the report, and go through the steps.

If you don’t feel like the value you get is at least TEN TIMES your investment…

If you experience anything less than a TENFOLD increase in your inspiration levels in the next seven days…

Or if you simply don’t like the report for ANY reason, just send my support team an email and we will immediately issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions, no hassles, no “exit surveys,” nothing.

In other words, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever when you test-drive this report.

Get LIT now

You’ve tried being skeptical, how’s that been working?

If you’re on the fence, let me offer a blunt prediction.

Here’s what will happen if you say “no” or “maybe later” to this offer.

First, you’ll hit the back button and go back to whatever website you were on before.

Then some mildly entertaining but ultimately useless article, update or email will catch your eye and POOF… our little time here together will be forgotten.

Then, weeks or months from now, instead of being lit from the inside and living the life of power and freedom you long for, you’ll still be spinning your wheels, only living up to a fraction of your true potential.

That would be tragic.

Especially since you were just ONE CLICK away from getting the keys to the kingdom.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Get LIT now


When I was setting up the ad targeting for this, I asked myself “who are the men with the greatest gifts to give? Who are the HUSBANDS and FATHERS with the potential to change the world?”

And voila. Here you are.

It worked!

This site is intentionally NOT indexed in Google because I don’t want just “anybody” coming here.

I’ve also turned down multiple interview invitations, including a TV interview, because I don’t want to waste my time talking to a broad audience.

I am laser focused on serving men like you.

You are special. You have been chosen. Unless I got my targeting wrong… you and I are brothers.

So if you’re sick and tired of living small and want to create the life you’ve always longed for… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Don’t die haunted by regret.


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